October, 2019

Understanding Opportunity Zone Guidelines

Business Facilities

Just as with any planning technique, comparison of the potential benefits of Qualified Opportunity Zones to other tax deferral or elimination strategies remains crucial. Read: Understanding Opportunity Zone Guidelines at BusinessFacilities.com.

Social Media in Construction – 2019 Survey Results

Construction Marketing

The Construction Marketing Association conducted a national survey to identify the effectiveness of different social media approaches of architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals.

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Inside the Venture Capital Focus on Construction Technology

Construction Business Owner

With more contractors embracing digitization through adopting specific jobsite tools or construction tech ecosystems, such as Autodesk’s BIM 360, and with construction making Investopedia’s “Top 10 Fastest Growing Industries in the United States” list, the future looks bright for the industry.

Who Runs the World? Women in Construction


We’re honoring the movement that is changing the face of construction —and the organizations behind it

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Flagship Store Retail Construction: 3 Reasons Brands Still Build in a Flagship Location

Commercial Construction

With our firm’s long track record in retail construction, we’ve witnessed firsthand the ebb and flow of activity across this sector over the years. So when I came across an article recently asking if “ flagship stores are losing their shine ”, it gave me pause.

Retail 225

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Government to Allow Less Lead in Drinking Water

Green Building Law Update

EPA is expected to publish this week in the Federal Register the first proposed regulatory revisions to the National Primary Drinking Water Regulation for lead in more than 30 years. The United States has made tremendous progress in lowering children’s blood lead levels (.

Content Marketing Best Practices – Webcast and Survey

Construction Marketing

Content marketing is arguably the hottest topic in marketing. But what about the nuances of content marketing and the construction industry? Thats where the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) comes in. Please register for our Content Marketing Best Practices Webcast on Thursday November 7, 2019 at 1 PM CST. Register here.

EGIA 'Cracking the Code' Show: How to Build Relationships & Investigate Customer Pain

Contractor Magazine

A successful demand service process depends on your ability to build rapport with your homeowners. This week, Gary Elekes explains two critical aspects of the process -- building relationships with the customer and diagnosing problems that your co


The Construction Industry is Poised for a Data Transformation


Today's modern contractors are ready to take advantage of technology solutions designed to help them better mine and analyze construction data

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

U.S. Ports: Sizing Up The Logistics Industry

Business Facilities

Trade wars may come and go, but U.S. ports are in it for the long haul: expanding their services and dredging harbors to make way for ships carrying gigantic containers. Read: U.S. Ports: Sizing Up The Logistics Industry at BusinessFacilities.com.

US 106

The rise of AI in construction

Construction Dive

Construction remains one of the top five industries driving the world economy. Yet until recently, it’s been lagging behind virtually every other sector in the adoption of technology

FTC Finds Truly Organic is Not

Green Building Law Update

By way of a federal court order that became final last month, Truly Organic Inc. and its founder will pay $1.76

9 Ways Technology Is Lowering Risk on the Jobsite

Construction Business Owner

As projects become even more manifold, the number of workers, equipment and materials that need to be tracked and managed increases. Under pressure to deliver work on time and within budget, safety can often become compromised.

Risk 123

Developing Mechanical HVAC Tech Team Skills

Contractor Magazine

Training your mechanical HVAC team is an ongoing process, one that at its best involves senior technicians, associations, vendors and distributorships


Trick or Treat? Preventing 5 Common Construction Horror Stories


Was is your worst fear as a contractor? Here are some top contractor fears and how to prevent them

Opportunity Zones: Window Of Opportunity

Business Facilities

The new federal qualified opportunity zone (QOZ) tax credits are expected to unleash up to $6 trillion in capital investment in more than 8,700 economically distressed areas in the U.S. Read: Opportunity Zones: Window Of Opportunity at BusinessFacilities.com.

New OSHA weighting system could lead to more inspections

Construction Dive

The process, rolled out this week, could put increased emphasis on the Fatal Four, a former Department of Labor official said

ESG Disclosure Simplification Act Passes Committee But Will Fail

Green Building Law Update

On September 20, 2019, the Financial Services Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 4329, the ESG Disclosure Simplification Act of 2019.

Concrete Waterproofing- Types, Steps, and Advantages

The Constructor

Concrete waterproofing is the application of impervious material layer on concrete which prevents water from penetrating and making the structure. Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology How To Guide

Tankless Units Help Lower Energy Bills at Independent Living Complex

Contractor Magazine

Space-saving, energy efficiency State tankless water heaters help lower energy costs, increase performance


Leveraging Technology to Enhance Quality Control into Your Construction Process


As contractors face heightened scrutiny around building processes, many are turning to technology to improve quality control measures

Industry 4.0: Making Connections In Michigan

Business Facilities

Michigan is investing in a connected, smart manufacturing future, heralding a new age of automotive design and autonomous vehicles. Read: Industry 4.0: Making Connections In Michigan at BusinessFacilities.com.

Crane watch: High-profile projects underway in the 10 busiest US markets

Construction Dive

Certain areas of the country are enjoying an added boost from the current construction boom. Here are some of the top projects in the most active states

US 130

How to Align the Right Trench Protection System with the Job

Construction Business Owner

How a contractor chooses to excavate on a jobsite can make all the difference in the project outcome. When one considers that 30 to 40% of all excavations lack the appropriate protective solutions, it should come as no surprise that projects are often over budget and overdue.

Injury 118

10+ Uses of Concrete in Civil Engineering

The Constructor

Concrete is one of the most frequently used building materials worldwide. The distinctive characteristics like strength, durability, low-maintenance, Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology Construction Engineering & Management

Weekly Product Gallery: American Standard, OXX, tekmar, General Pipe, Webstone, Keeney

Contractor Magazine

This week's gallery spotlights a minimalist kitchen faucet collection; a rugged coffeemaker for jobsites; switching relay and zone control valves; stainless-steel braid hose; ultra-compact thermostatic mixing valves; and bath drains to allow a fuller soak

Streamlining Construction Submittals


Contractors are modernizing their construction submittal processes through integrated technology

Starting Up Is Big In Texas

Business Facilities

No stranger to the top, the Lone Star State takes another number one from the other 49 in a new WalletHub report that ranks where to start a business. Read: Starting Up Is Big In Texas at BusinessFacilities.com.

Texas 83

Market watch: Labor shortage, backlogs may mask construction slowdown

Construction Dive

Even though business has never been better for many contractors, there are signs that the construction industry may be in for a downturn, economists say

BIM is dead, please do not resuscitate!


Agricultural experts likely have rules on how long one should persist with a new species once introduced into a field. Also, for recognising the signs to give up if the plants are not taking to the new environment.

BIM 81

What is Reinforced Concrete? Uses, Benefits, and advantages

The Constructor

Reinforced concrete is a combination of traditional cement concrete with reinforcements (steel bar). This combination is made to use the compressive. Concrete Durability Concrete Properties Concrete Technology

AHR Expo Announces the 2020 Education Program

Contractor Magazine

Sessions offer insight into some of the industry’s biggest opportunities, challenges, new products, technologies and applications