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The 7 most striking construction technology innovations of 2018

Construction Dive

As the year wraps up, we're looking back at the technological strides that have been made, spanning artificial intelligence, drones, robotics and more

Industry experts talk AI: Rene Morkos on the uptake of AI in construction


We recently hosted on our blog Oliver Hughes, co-Founder and Director of Digital Construction Week, who referred to the great potential of Artificial Intelligence in construction. This time we meet Rene Morkos, CEO at Alice Technologies.

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Can you get ahead of the changes (and help your customers along the way)?

Construction Marketing Ideas

I enjoy Mark Mitchell’s weekly eletter because the advice he imparts goes far beyond the specific niche he effectively serves: building products manufacturers.

Incentives for Contractors to Train and Modernize


There are a number of tax incentives available to contractors for training and educating workforces. The post Incentives for Contractors to Train and Modernize appeared first on Viewpoint Surveyor.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

State Not County has Authority to Regulate Solar Farms

Green Building Law Update

At a time when solar panels are de riguere a recent decision by a Maryland appellate court limiting the authority of local governments to regulate the location and specifics of construction of a solar farm has broad implications far beyond this case.

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How to Estimate Concrete Costs?

The Constructor

Calculating the cost of the concrete is an important step in the project estimate. The cost of concrete depends on the cost of materials, mix design, Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology Estimating & Costing

Episode 11: The Path to Successful Technology Transformations


A Viewpoint on Construction, Modern Takes on a Transforming Industry. Episode 11: The Path to Successful Technology Transformations Technology is booming in the construction industry, but not all contractors are prepared for the rapid-fire pace at which technology is being […].

Commercial Construction Looks to Advanced Technologies

Contractor Magazine

74 percent of contractors anticipate using technologies like drones, equipment tagging, wearables, and virtual reality in the next three years

Turner Construction, Bloomberg LP execs face bribery, bid-rigging charges

Construction Dive

Indicted individuals allegedly inflated subs' bids, falsified work orders and more to extort roughly $15 million during a renovation of the media company's New York City offices

Lightweight Concrete Floor Systems- Minimum Thickness, Applications

The Constructor

Lightweight concrete floor systems are constructed for different purposes but the reduction of dead load on the structure is the main motivation. Building Technology Guide Flooring

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3 Areas of Construction Tech Launching the Industry Forward

Construction Business Owner

The 3 technologies that will take your contracting business to the next level in 2019.

Cyber Predictions for 2019

Contractor Magazine

2018 was a rather prolific year for both innovation and also cybercrime

Tariffs driving up infrastructure construction costs, analysis shows

Construction Dive

President Donald Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs have increased the cost of several public works projects and could limit the scope of future initiatives, Bloomberg reports

How to calculate the quantity of water for a given concrete mix.?

The Constructor

How to calculate the quantity of water for a given mix concrete. As it would be required to calculate for mix 1:2:4. The post How to calculate the

Industry Trends You Should Keep an Eye on in 2019

Construction Business Owner

Construction industry trends to keep an eye on in 2019

BEST VALUE Job Order Contracting Construction Services in Texas

Job Order Contracting

Efficient, On-Demand Construction Services Procurement & Project Delivery. Local, Pre-selected Quality Construction Contractors. Fully Compliant – State of Texas and EDGAR. Required Compliance Audits with Each Project. Supported by Locally Researched Construction Cost Data.

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Embrace creative destruction to build better buildings

Construction Dive

The challenges presented by the traditional Design-Bid-Build process has forced project managers to come up with innovative solutions to deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget

30 years and counting: Some basics for business (and marketing) survival

Construction Marketing Ideas

The original business behind the Construction News and Report Group traces back to April, 1988. A bit more than three decades later, I’ve managed to acquire some grey hair and my business balance sheets hardly exude wealth. Nevertheless we’re still very much alive.

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Malco Products, SBC, Honored with Manufacturer of the Year Award

Contractor Magazine

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal recognizes Malco Products as Medium Manufacturer of the Year at the first-ever Business of Manufacturing Awards


Job Order Contracting

The innovative 4BT LEAN OpenJOC Job Order Contracting Solution consistently delivers BEST VALUE where others fall short. Please all the tools, training, data sets, support, and technology are readily available within our OpenJOC JOC-in-a-Box Tookit (TM).

Tread lightly in new risk territory, for landmines await

Construction Dive

At the Construction Super Conference this week, contractors and arbitration lawyers shared the importance of mitigating risk by spotting "landmines" early in the preconstruction phase — when the contract is still being written

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Almost Home Kids opens third residence in Illinois for children with health complexities


Children with medically complex conditions represent an estimated three million children who account for 40% of Medicaid spending on children. Growing at 6% annually, they are among the most rapidly growing sectors of the pediatric population.

A tepdeep dive into the proposal management process (and why it is important)

Construction Marketing Ideas

Matt Handal has written a truly useful guide to the proposal management process — the set of steps and processes you should codify in handling RFP/project responses.

Job Order Contracting - Untitled Article

Job Order Contracting

Does your Job Order Contracting Management Software work like this? It may be time to upgrade to a B EST Value solution. Transparently control your JOC Program. Automate repetitive tasks to save time. Robust locally researched unit price book. Independent audit of every project.

Michigan lawmakers advance $350M to $500M pipeline tunnel

Construction Dive

Critics of the project have accused Gov. Rick Snyder of trying to push the project through before he leaves office in January

Glass sells: The importance of glass in retail


Retail business owners, especially those with brick-and-mortar stores, must attract foot traffic. Without people coming into their store and browsing, it is nearly impossible to make money – particularly if the establishment in question does not have an online presence.

Can your really differentiate your architectural, engineering or construction business/practice?

Construction Marketing Ideas

Mel Lester in has raised a powerful question in his blog posting: “Is Differentiation Really Worth Pursuing?”

Test for Bleeding of Concrete

The Constructor

The relative quantity of mixing water, which will bleed from fresh concrete mix can be determined by the test for bleeding of concrete. Test for. Concrete Technology Tests on Concrete Bleeding of Concrete Concrete Tests Fresh concrete

Big machines in a sensor-filled world: Analytics and data at Caterpillar

Construction Dive

The allure of efficiency is driving construction and other traditionally low-tech sectors to tap equipment manufacturers that tout a more connected world

The art and science of drawing: Humanizing the design process with a bit of controlled mayhem


Today’s architects are living in interesting times. Long gone are the days when we had to be experts in drafting by hand; computer-aided design (CAD) software and 3-D modeling tools can generate measured drawings and photorealistic renderings with a keystroke. Is this a good thing? Not always.

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Millennials can be the catalyst for change in construction if you let them!


Let me start off this post by letting you know that I am a millennial. I know I am not the easiest person to work with, in fact, I can be challenging to some of my colleagues. The thing is, I don’t accept the status quo and I will always strive to do better.

Shifting and Tilting of Well Foundations

The Constructor

Shifting and tilting problems occurs generally during sinking process of well foundations. If proper care is not taken, they will cause serious. Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Others Caisson Foundation Foundation tilting well foundations

Amazon chooses Fort Worth, Texas, for new regional air hub

Construction Dive

Set to open in 2019, the facility will be able to handle the e-tailer's regional shipping volume, sorting needs and multiple daily cargo flights