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How to Avoid 3 Common Commercial Construction Scheduling Delays

Commercial Construction

Compared with a few short years ago, commercial construction moves at an incredibly fast pace today.

Pellets of Oil?

Collaborative Construction

An interesting discovery out of Canada.

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Vee-Bee Test to Determine Workability of Concrete using Consistometer

The Constructor

Objective of Vee-Bee test is to determine the workability of freshly mixed concrete using consistometer. Apparatus, procedure, precaution and. Concrete Properties Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer Concrete Technology Concrete Test Concrete Tests

Tiny Home That Can Sleep Ten

Jetson Green

The tiny house firm Escape has just released the so-called Traveler XL Limited, which is an upgraded and expanded version of their 2015 model of the same name. The new model is bigger than the original and can sleep up to 10 people, which is very impressive for a tiny house.

2017 Construction Forecast: A Post-Election Update

What's on tap for construction's economic fortunes in 2017?

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Design Elements for Construction of Sedimentation Tank with Calculations

The Constructor

Design of each elements for the construction of sedimentation tank is necessary for effective treatment of wastewater for removal the suspended. Environmental Engg Water Supply Environmental Engineering Wastewater

5D BIM: How It Will Help the Construction Industry


Earlier this year we explored BIM, Building Information Modeling, and explained why it is the future of construction. BIM is currently broken down into three levels but can more levels be added?

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Tiny Home for Cold Climates

Jetson Green

As more and more people decide to downsize to a tiny home, it has become imperative that these homes be made as cold-proof as possible. The Quebec, Canada-based firm Minimaliste recently completed this luxury tiny home for a client, which is exactly that.

A brief guide to the future of mall construction and renovation

The Korte Company

Take a quick drive around town and you may begin thinking that traditional indoor malls have fallen out of favor. Hard data prove it. Consider these statistics cited in PLACES Magazine last year

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Methods of Groundwater Control in Excavations at Construction Sites

The Constructor

Groundwater causes extreme problems in excavations such as sand running for most of construction projects. Methods of groundwater control in. Construction Engineering & Management How To Guide Work Procedures Construction Excavation

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How To Get a CSCS Card


If you are working in construction in the UK, you have properly heard about the CSCS card. But what is it exactly? CSCS stand for Construction Skills Certification Scheme, and the whole thing was invented about 25 years ago. It is a card that provide proof that an individual has the.

Tesla Announces Sleek New Solar Panels

Jetson Green

Late last year, Tesla unveiled a range of solar panels that were actually roof tiles as well. The price was prohibitive though, since there was no way to install them on an existing roof without some expensive and time-consuming renovations. But this is no longer the case.

The Big Prize

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Construction Health Indicator (We're keeping score.)

The Construction Health Indicator is a daily pulse of the construction industry.

Methods for Calculating Cost of Engineering Consultant Services

The Constructor

Several methods are used for calculation of engineering consultant services cost in construction projects at different phase of consultant. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction

Artificial Intelligence Advances to Improve Construction

ENR Construction

The tech world is counting on construction professionals to not only keep informed about new technology, but to use leading-edge solutions to tackle intractable problems

Miami Warns Citizens About Tower Cranes During Irma

Construction Equipment

As Hurricane Irma threatens the Miami area, construction companies are taking steps to secure construction sites and equipment. Miami's building boom has also brought about 25 tower construction cranes to the city that pose a unique threat if Hurricane Irma hits.

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Specialty Films Producer Building New South Carolina Manufacturing Facility

Business Facilities Blog

Charter NEX Films is locating new specialty film manufacturing operations in Richland County, SC. The project is expected to result in $85 million of capital investment and the creation of more than 110 new jobs.

Types of Earthquake Resistant Masonry Walls Construction

The Constructor

There are various types of masonry wall which may be suitable to construct in areas prone to earthquakes. Types of these seismic resistant masonry.

Home away from home: Children’s hospitals that soothe, support, and distract


On June 6, the first phase in the construction of the new Children’s Hospital at Erlanger in Chattanooga, Tenn., broke ground.

Camping in Style

Jetson Green

While going camping in a tent has its charms, a lot of people prefer the more comfortable alternative of “glamping”.

Harvey's Aftermath Will Rattle Construction Supply Chain, Economists Say

ENR Construction

As the cleanup and eventual rebuilding proceed, increased demand for materials and labor will push costs upward

What Services are Provided by Engineering Consultants in Construction?

The Constructor

Services provided by engineering consultants in construction are consultation, investigations and studies, design and construction and special. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Construction

Hidden Opportunities Merge from Construction Industry Challenges

Construction Superintendent Magazine

CHICAGO, Ill. Growing materials costs and dwindling talent pools coupled with looming political and economic uncertainty are leaving construction leaders grappling with serious challenges. But where there is greater challenge comes greater opportunity.

How to Recognize Red Flags

Construction Business Owner

The risk-to-reward ratio in construction is among the most unbalanced of any mature industry. The disproportionate downside, risks associated with an extremely bad project, far outweigh the upside gained from even the most successful projects.

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A Drone's Eye View of Houston After Hurricane Harvey

ENR Construction

ENR team reports on historic flooding in Texas and captures dramatic drone footage of inundated areas

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Rotary Intersection of Roads and its Design Factors

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Rotary intersection of roads is also called as traffic rotary which is nothing but enlarged intersection of roads where vehicles cross roads or. Pavement Design Transportation Pavements Roads Transportation Engineering

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Michigan Lands $4.9M Chinese Foreign Direct Investment

Business Facilities Blog

Furniture component maker J-Star Motion Corporation will establish a new manufacturing facility in Cedar Springs, MI. The China-based company plans to hire 122 employees and invest $4.9 million in the project. Photo: The Right Place, Inc.

Navistar Q3 2017 Revenues Up 6 Percent

Construction Equipment

Navistar International Corporation today announced a third quarter 2017 net income of $37 million. Revenues in the quarter were $2.2 billion, up 6% from the same period one year ago, primarily due to an increase in truck segment volumes

Aviation Guru Allan Shapiro is Dead at 80

ENR Construction

Widely consulted senior program manager had battled cancer

Components of Bridges -Concrete and Steel Bridges Parts and Details

The Constructor

Various components of bridges such as superstructure, substructure, bearings of concrete and steel bridges, their types, importance, functions and. Bridges Structures Bridge Bridge Construction

Top 95 university construction firms