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The Dotted Line: Mitigating the risks of technology

Construction Dive

It's all about the allocation of risk, legal experts explain. Humans are responsible for computing errors just as they would be for a bulldozer mishap

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Commercial Construction Industry Trends: Reflecting on the Highs and Lows of 2018

Commercial Construction

A strong pipeline of senior living construction was a “high” of 2018. After a busy and eventful year in commercial construction, we always find it valuable to reflect back on the last 12 months and review the positives and negatives that impacted our business – including those that are specific to our company as well as the commercial construction industry as a whole – as we prepare for the opportunities and challenges the New Year is likely to bring.

The Story of Wolgast’s Speed

Wolgast Corporation

Speed is one of the most coveted aspects when it comes to commercial construction and nothing improves speed like doing a project right the first time. You could argue that cutting corners can sometimes make it faster, and that’s true until it causes rework, back tracking, or failures down the road.

The Top 10 Surveyor Posts of 2018


As 2018 comes to a close, two things are clear: it was a transformative year in the construction software space, and there’s more activity than ever about our industry to keep up with. That’s partially why we started this blog […].

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Court: General contractor can be cited for subcontractor violations

Construction Dive

A U.S. Court of Appeals judge ruled that GCs can be issued safety violation citations for hazards on a jobsite that don't affect their employees

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Diffrences Between Mortar and Grout

The Constructor

Mortar Mortar is a mixture of cement, sand and water made as a thick paste that is used to bind two surfaces with each other. It is majorly used in. Brick Masonry Building Materials Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology

The benefits and drawbacks of mixed-use development

The Korte Company

Across the U.S. and around the world, the popularity of mixed-use development is surging.

Autodesk to acquire BuildingConnected in $275M cash deal

Construction Dive

After acquisitions of Assemble Systems and PlanGrid this year, the con-tech heavyweight is now adding bid management, risk analysis and other preconstruction solutions to its portfolio

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HIROTEC AMERICA Building New Plant In Tennessee

Business Facilities

The automotive supplier will invest about $40 million and create more than 100 jobs in Fayetteville, TN over the next three years. . Read: HIROTEC AMERICA Building New Plant In Tennessee at

Backfilling Procedure in Basement

The Constructor

Proper backfilling of the basement is an important and essential step in the basement construction and its structural stability. Choosing the right. Building Technology Guide Foundation Engineering Geotechnical Engineering How To Guide Work Procedures

Business Development Strategies: The 8 You Need To Know

Help Everybody Everyday

There are a variety of different business development strategies one can use when developing business. But at the end of the day, every business development strategy falls into one of eight major categories. I’m going to cover all eight of them.

Our best stories of 2018

Construction Dive

Construction Dive's top stories of 2018 included breaking news about AECOM, Skanska, Bechtel, the FIU bridge collapse, silica citations, stadium projects and more

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The Top 10 Surveyor Posts of 2018


As 2018 comes to a close, two things are clear: it was a transformative year in the construction software space

Preventive Maintenance of Batching Plant

The Constructor

Preventive maintenance of batching plant is required to increase the batch plant efficiency as well as its lifespan. The maintenance cost required. Concrete Technology Construction Equipments Construction Management batch plant Batching Concrete Batching Repair/Maintenance

5 Ways to Promote a Culture of Safety at Your Company

Construction Business Owner

Read 5 ways to promote a culture of safety at your company. Here's why prioritizing worker safety makes good business sense

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Report: New York AG investigating construction of Mario Cuomo Bridge

Construction Dive

The New York State Attorney General’s office is investigating a potential coverup of defective steel bolts discovered during construction of the $4 billion bridge

New concrete slab system expands floor further with joints that are fewer and farther between

GCP Applied Technologies

New concrete slab system expands floor further with joints that are fewer and farther between. Phillip.fry@gc…. Wed, 12/19/2018 - 16:07. GCP Applied Technologies. December 19, 2018.

Ashlar Masonry and its Types

The Constructor

Ashlar masonry is a type of stone masonry which is formed using finely and dressed stones, having the same size, shape and texture laid in cement or. Building Materials Building Technology Guide

All About the Bucket Attachment

Construction Business Owner

Bobcat's advice on finding the best bucket attachment to improve productivity and profitability

Report: New York AG investigating defective bolts in Mario Cuomo Bridge

Construction Dive

After 60 steel bolts broke during construction, investigators are trying to determine how many bolts used for the bridge might need to be replaced

Data and analytics are becoming essential for EC firms competing to rebuild America’s infrastructure


An expanding engineering and construction industry faces a digital future that is not only reshaping cities but also how the industry’s businesses operate. This is one of the key observations that Deloitte Consulting presents in its recent paper “2019 Engineering and Construction Industry Outlook.”

Hairline Crack in Concrete – Causes, Repair and Prevention

The Constructor

Hairline cracks are formed commonly in the freshly placed concrete. These cracks are formed due to the plastic shrinkage of concrete. As the name. Building Technology Guide Concrete Crack Repair Concrete Cracks Concrete Technology

The Construction Industry’s Growth Trajectory

Construction Business Owner

The economic trends in construction & the part they'll play in shaping your success this year

74% of contractors expect to adopt advanced tech in 3 years

Construction Dive

Improving labor productivity is general and trade contractors’ top incentive for implementing tools like drones, wearables and robotics, a new report found

Westside Regional Water Reclamation Facility Under Construction

PC Construction

PC Construction’s Westside Regional Water Reclamation Facility Improvements project in Daytona, Florida, is kicking into high gear. This CMAR project will be constructed in collaboration with our key subcontractor partners, including S.E. Cline Construction, Cogburn.

Brick Ledge- Design and Construction Procedure

The Constructor

Brick ledge is reinforced concrete bearing which supports the weight (100Kg per square meter or more) of finish materials such as Brick, stone or. Concrete Work Procedure Design Guide How To Guide Work Procedures

Autodesk is spending $1.15 billion to acquire two construction tech providers


In keeping with an aggressive business plan focused on software development for the construction industry, Autodesk has made two key acquisitions that it hopes will broaden its construction management platforms

Construction, trades topped hiring on Monster in 2018

Construction Dive

Job seekers in construction and trade industries held the top spot overall among hires through the jobs search engine, as well as in 27 individual states

The Cost of Not Keeping Up with Technology

Construction Business Owner

Construction businesses need modern internal systems. A cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution could save your bottom line. Find out how here

Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Andrew Deye, JobsOhio

Business Facilities

Andrew Deye, Managing Director, JobsOhio, discusses Ohio's strategy to become a top U.S. destination for foreign direct investment. Read: Snapshots: 60 Seconds With Andrew Deye, JobsOhio at

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Gahhhh and greatness (all within minutes): Or how to mess up and still find the ultimate construction marketing solutions

Construction Marketing Ideas

I’m writing this post in the middle of a self-induced website crisis. Carelessly, I uploaded some files onto the server, and managed in the process to trash one of our company’s major websites — just as we were preparing to launch a new publication issue.

Google plans $1B New York City project

Construction Dive

Through capital improvements, the tech giant will increase its presence by 1.7 million square feet near the Hudson River on Manhattan's West Side

How to Repair Stamped Concrete

The Constructor

Stamped concrete is an innovative concrete widely applied for the floor in patios, car porch, driveways and sidewalks. It is extremely docile in. Building Technology Guide Concrete Admixtures Guide Concrete Crack Repair Concrete Technology How To Guide