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Business Intelligence for Construction is On the Rise & It’s Obvious Why Contractors are Loving It


A Challenging Industry Warrants Sophisticated Tools. Considering contractors face ongoing high pressure to perform and operate with razor-thin profit margins, there’s no doubt: construction is a challenging industry.

5 Things To Do BEFORE It Snows

FDR Safety

Last week’s Polar Vortex wreaked havoc across nearly the entire country with freezing temperatures and sporadic snow storms. We’ve received a number of questions regarding the measures one should take prior to freezing temperatures and snow. OSHA has comprehensive resources available. Here are 5 tips that must be followed when prepping for a storm. Know and share your snow removal plan. When winter weather hits, it is crucial to be fully prepared.

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Profiling your ideal client: Why and how?

Construction Marketing Ideas

In the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing several blogs, including entries in the 2019 Best Construction Blog competition. As a bonus, in preparing this year’s competition content, I reviewed the long-standing Construction Blogs and Resources List.


Build Quality Leads with Enhanced Google Ads Tactics

Construction Marketing Blog

The construction market is expected to remain competitive in 2019 and that’s a positive position for companies. A strong market correlates to higher demand and more potential business for you to gain. It may also cause more competitors to enter the construction services space as well.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Sounding Off — Construction Professionals Talk Emerging Technologies


Over the past few years, we’ve seen a significant boom in the amount of technologies construction companies are deploying to streamline workflows, improve productivity, expand the scope of projects, expand access to data, enhance collaboration and generate stronger profit margins.

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Trump executive order extends Buy American policy

Construction Dive

The directive asks federal agencies to encourage contractors on infrastructure projects to buy iron, aluminum, steel, cement and other goods domestically

10 Budget Tips for DIYers

Construction Marketing Blog

For lack of a better word, DIYing, as most of us have come to know it, is increasingly becoming a trending consumer behavior. There are so many reasons as to why most people opt to DIY than seeking a professional hand or opinion.

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Why You Need Integrated Construction Software


Having integrated software is key to your success as a modern contractor. In your search for a suitable project management system for your construction business , you will no doubt be faced with the challenge of narrowing down many options.

How to Stop Moisture in Concrete Floor?

The Constructor

Commonly, concrete floors are vulnerable to moisture and suffer from different detrimental influence of moisture such as lifting tile off the floor, Building Technology Guide Building Tips Flooring Paints & Decoratives

Marines 3D-print concrete footbridge in field

Construction Dive

This was the first time in the Western Hemisphere that a bridge was 3D-printed onsite rather than in a controlled environment like a factory

What is an SDS Drill?

Construction Marketing Blog

An important item in a workshop toolbox is the SDS drill. It is absolutely useful and virtually indispensable when it comes to drilling hard surfaces. SDS drills were first manufactured in the mid-1970s. Before the advent of the SDS drill, it was very cumbersome and remarkably difficult for workers to bore holes into concrete or other similar surfaces. What Does SDS Mean?

BI(m): BIM data without models


Over the last several years, owners have begun to grasp that BIM can deliver more than just 3D models and better trade coordination.

Mix Ratio of Sand/Cement Screed for Floor

The Constructor

Mix ratio of sand/cement screed for floor varied based on the intended use of the screed. Added to that, cement type, grade of aggregate and the. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Flooring Mix Design Guide Recommended Mix

Huntsville, Alabama, could see up to $1B FBI investment

Construction Dive

Richard Shelby reportedly said that the area is “on fire” in terms of development

3 Pros and Cons to Buying vs. Renting Heavy Equipment

Construction Marketing Blog

When buying assets for your company, you need to think about the investment that you lay on the table. See it as an asset, use it carefully, and you will reap the fruits of having it in your firm. In regards to this topic, many CEOs have differing opinions as to whether or not you should buy or rent heavy machinery. When I mention the word “heavy machinery,” I mean caterpillars, excavators, and the likes. However, both aspects (buying and renting) have their pros and cons.

U.S. Green Building Council announces annual Top 10 States for LEED Green Building in 2018


The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released its annual list of Top 10 States for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Illinois topped the list, which ranks states based on the number of LEED certified square feet per person.

15 TV Shows Every Civil Engineer Should Watch

The Constructor

If you are a budding Civil Engineer or a construction enthusiast and you have the urge to really understand what you are getting into, and visual. Others Civil Engineering Marvels civil engineering shows

FAA spec update includes precast concrete for first time

Construction Dive

With the Federal Aviation Administration's new specifications, precast suppliers and contractors are poised to get a bigger piece of construction and renovation projects at the more than 19,000 airports in the U.S.

VIDEO: Kespry Drones Improve Design Plan, Site Mapping

Construction Equipment

Kespry has released new construction industry-focused updates that it says will help improve efficiency of earthworks on construction projects. Improvements include better site design plan integration, removal of heavy equipment from topographic models, progress tracking, and a new tool to provide

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Dubai’s newest supertall will be covered in digital displays


Dubai Holding has recently unveiled details and renderings for the planned Burj Jumeira, a 550-meter-tall (1,804 feet) tower in Al Sufouh. The tower will be the centerpiece of Downtown Jumeira, a pedestrian friendly mixed-use urban destination

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Burnished Concrete

The Constructor

Burnished concrete is conventional concrete trowelled more than twice to make the concrete surface hard-wearing with a durable finish and a great. Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology Concrete Types in Construction Flooring

More evidence that drones could and should play major role in infrastructure inspections

Construction Dive

Researchers at a Swedish university further solidified the idea that UAVs can inspect dams, wind turbines and other types of infrastructure faster and more safely than humans

Job Order Contracting - Untitled Article

Job Order Contracting

The Innovative OpenJOC(TM) Job Order Contracting Solution •? Accountability •? Ethics •? Impartiality •? Professionalism •? Service •? Transparency. Finally, a Job Order Contracting Solution focused upon serving YOUR needs. Reduce the impact of agency staff and budget cuts. ?Save

The Shed arts center includes a massive, telescoping outer shell


Located at West 30th Street on the west side of Manhattan where the High Line meets Hudson Yards, The Shed is a currently under construction arts center that will be dedicated to commissioning, producing, and presenting original works of art across all disciplines

Compaction vs. Consolidation

The Constructor

Both Compaction and consolidation are responsible to cause a reduction in the volume of soil which is due to the compressibility characteristics of. Geotechnical Engineering Others Soil Engineering Compaction compressibility Consolidation Dry Density of Soil

Drones, reality capture a 'natural fit' for ambitious Mortenson, AECOM project

Construction Dive

To meet an aggressive schedule on an AECOM-designed hospital, Mortenson turned to technology to communicate the changes taking place and ensure fidelity to the model

Building your firm’s brand: Easier said than done

Construction Marketing Ideas

Marketers like to use the word “brand” and “brand building” because it is the branding process that (at least in theory) demonstrates marketing’s value.


Dollar Tree Will Invest $130M In New Texas Distribution Center

Business Facilities

The operator of discount variety stores plans to create more than 300 new jobs for the Rosenberg, TX and surrounding communities. Read: Dollar Tree Will Invest $130M In New Texas Distribution Center at

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Chain Survey – Procedure, Applicability, Survey Stations and Their Selection

The Constructor

Chain surveying considered to be the simplest method of surveying in which measurements are taken in the field and other works like plotting. Surveying


Study: Difficult to control respirable silica levels during chipping, crushing

Construction Dive

The findings suggested that workers performing demolition and related activities would be best protected by respiratory gear, even when dust control measures are in place


Why You Should Consider Redefining Your Involvement in the BIM Process

Construction Business Owner

How to and why you should harness BIM’s ability to offer a full understanding of the construction project

Illinois Was Tops For Green Building In 2018

Business Facilities

Massachusetts and Washington earned the second and third spots in the U.S. Green Building Council’s annual Top 10 States for LEED Green Building ranking. Read: Illinois Was Tops For Green Building In 2018 at

Frost Heave – How It Works, Effects, and Prevention

The Constructor

Frost heave is an upward swelling of soil due to the formation of ice during freezing conditions. It usually occurs when the freezing temperature. How To Guide Repair/Protection Guide Safety Guide