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10 reasons to choose Custom Home Builders in Charlotte

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Owning a home is an important investment. Many homeowners find it hard to decide on whether to buy a home or have one custom built. With the help of a general contractor in charlotte , recent research shows that many people are opting for custom home builders.

5 Exceptional Features of Notre Dame De Paris

The Constructor

Notre Dame de Paris, translated to Our lady of Paris, is one of the greatest marvels of French Gothic architecture much like the Eiffel tower in. Architecture Building Flying buttress Gargoyles Glass art Gothic architecture Notre Dame de Paris spire towers

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3D Scanning Will Help Rebuild Notre Dame

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Paris officials have vowed to restore Notre Dame Cathedral after fire destroyed the roof and other parts of the historic building, and construction technology will speed the process. According to Trimble, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D laser scanning technology will make it relatively

BIM 104

AEC angel investor


As the 1990s were drawing to a close, Jesse Devitte wasn’t sure there was much of a future investing in the tech-averse AEC world.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

5 Common Security Questions Contractors Ask Before Hiring Our Service

Contractor Bookkeeping

Right now, if you are like most construction company owners, your construction accounting records are in an unlocked file cabinet, or worse, sitting on someone's desk.

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58 Ways to Promote Your Plumbing Business

Contractor Magazine

Many, but not all, are obvious. Use this as a marketing checklist


Debunking 3 common construction myths


For many, the thought of a construction project brings to mind an unorganized job site being run by a contractor who’s behind schedule and over budget. This common misconception often leaves owners fearful when building a new space or renovating a current one.

Contractors and Showrooms: Partners in Sales and Service

Contractor Magazine

By Pat Lenius and John Murphy, The National Association of Plumbing Showroom Professionals (NAOPSP

AEC angel investor


As the 1990s were drawing to a close, Jesse Devitte wasn’t sure there was much of a future investing in the tech-averse AEC world.

When Going Green Crazy Backfires

Contractor Magazine

MARTHA’S VINEYARD, MASS.—When When homeowners choose to be more environmentally conscious with their decisions and take a more sustainable route for their home, they are generally lauded for their efforts. But when the homeowners of a 3,000-sq.-ft. house

Curtin University library redevelopment will modernize iconic campus structure


Modern architecture is known for its sleek, streamlined design, but it’s also often been aptly characterized as being cold and sterile. In Perth, Australia’s Curtin University, one such building is getting a major makeover. The TL Robertson Library, which has two million users per year, is being revamped by Danish architectural firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, with the help of Australian architecture firm Hames Sharley.

Where is the Big Money in Maintenance Programs?

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It turns out that some building managers have actually learned that maintenance is supposed to pay for itself in longevity, reliability and efficiency

Caterpillar Presents Electrification Strategy

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Caterpillar said its electrification strategy will match the right product to the application. A press release distributed at Bauma outlined the ways the company will do this: Fully electric products: featuring single or multiple non-engine electric power sources, these products are best suited for

7 Ways to Sell More and Serve More

Contractor Magazine

How can you as a Contractor create happier customers while also selling more and serving your customers at the highest level

Notre Dame fire highlights danger of renovating historic structures


The devastating fire at Notre-Dame de Paris is the latest blaze to damage or destroy historic buildings while undergoing renovations. It highlights how vulnerable such structures are to fire while undergoing repairs. While the cause of the fire has not yet been determined, it may well be due to activity during the restoration project on the ancient cathedral

EGIA 'Cracking the Code' Show: Close Sales by Providing Solutions

Contractor Magazine

Weldon Long explains how you can secure an answer from the homeowner by providing solutions. Also hear from Gary Elekes on tracking digital conversions

New method of manufacturing cement removes CO2 from the air


A new concrete manufacturing technique extracts carbon dioxide out of the air, or directly out of industrial exhaust pipes, and turns it into synthetic limestone

Addressing Embodied Carbon: FAQ


If you want to reduce your real estate’s carbon footprint, you should care about embodied carbon. Whether you’re pursuing the ILFI’s recently-launched Zero Carbon Certification or creating your own framework, addressing embodied carbon (in tandem with operational carbon reduction strategies like electrification and carbon offsets ) is a critical component of achieving true Net Zero Carbon goals. Not sure where to start?

FAQ 61

Latest regulations for Opportunity Zone investments clarify qualifications for tax breaks


On Wednesday, the U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service released new regulations and guidelines for investments in the 8,700 distressed or lower-income census tracts that governors across the country have designated as Opportunity Zones (OZs).

Detail quality control methods in construction works

Construction Cost Estimating

This civil engineering article sheds light on the inspection method of various civil works as well as necessary documents to carry out an inspection at construction project.

Skender, Z Modular reach agreement to fabricate multifamily housing components


Skender and Z Modular have signed an agreement to manufacture multifamily housing components in a factory on the southwest side of Chicago. Skender, a design, construction, and manufacturing firm, will use Z Modular’s self-bracing structural VectorBloc system to fabricate building components. The aim is to produce “high-quality, multi-story modular housing that addresses a critical affordable housing need in Chicago,” according to a Skender news release