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5 Challenges in Meeting Construction Deadlines and How To Solve Them

Construction Marketing

Every construction professional knows the downside to missing project deadlines. Not only does it frustrate stakeholders, but it keeps the team from getting started on the next revenue-generating project. With that said, few construction teams actually succeed in finishing their jobs on time.

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5 Uses for Metal Floor Decking

The Constructor

With recent changes in building regulations, particularly following the Grenfell Disaster, there is a need to rethink cladding and decking options. Building Materials Building Technology Guide


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What is Stub Column | Its Purposes | Advantages | Disadvantages and Stub Column vs Floating Column

Learn Civil Engineering

What is Stub Column? A stub column is a type of column whose length is short and baseless which means do not have a foundation and footing as its rests on a beam or slab. It acts as a point load on the beam. A stub column does not fail by buckling because of its […].

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are Transforming Construction

Construction Business Owner

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are Transforming Construction. Alex Headley. Wed, 09/08/2021 - 07:30. Many people (and products) use the terms “artificial intelligence (AI)” and “machine learning (ML)” interchangeably, but there are a few key differentiators to note.

Reimagining How Construction Companies Capture Progress Tracking

Speaker: Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, Christopher Gagliardi, George Hedley, and Jason Nichols

Join our esteemed panelists for their discussion on the importance of progress tracking which ultimately touches upon every digital aspect within the construction cycle. Our thought-leaders' years of experience on the job sites can help you build a better future at your company.

What Are King Post Truss | Components of King Post Truss | King Post Truss Construction Details


What Is Roof Truss? A roof truss is a simple assembly of members forming a rigid framework of triangular shape. A truss is generally a triangulated system of straight and … What Are King Post Truss | Components of King Post Truss | King Post Truss Construction Details Read More ».

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Floor Space Index and Floor Area Ratio – Importance, Calculation & Differences

Learn Civil Engineering

What is FSI? The Full form of FSI is Floor Space Index and It is also known as FAR (Floor Area Ratio). Floor Space Index is the maximum built area of the total plot area of land. FSI is the ratio of the total built-up area to the total plot area or land. Floor space […].

What’s ahead for ambulatory surgery centers

The Korte Company

This article was written by Anthony Walker, our healthcare project executive, and was originally published by Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare.

The Advantages Of Healthy Competition For Your Contracting Business

Contractor Bookkeeping

Starting a construction business means you'll compete with other companies that already exist. It's a good thing if you have a competition to go up against. Competition pushes you to be innovative. It also means there's an established community for your services.

Cleaning a Smelly Drain: DIY vs. Calling the Experts

The Constructor

It often happens that you notice a foul smell coming from the drains; this can be from the bathroom, sink, or gutter. It is not normal for your. Building Tips Repair/Protection Guide


Huh? Ugh! LOL: The Top Ten-tions of Construction Law and Contracts

Speaker: Matthew DeVries, Construction Law Attorney and National Blogger

The construction environment changed more in 2020 than any prior year—whether the parties were faced with government shutdowns, new health and safety restrictions, or overall financial strains. Yet, many projects remained on target and successfully reached the finish line this year. The rights and responsibilities of parties involved in a construction project are mainly dependent upon the contract or agreement between them, and there is no better time than to review your contractual obligations to identify risk pitfalls and ensure success. Join construction law attorney and national blogger Matthew DeVries as he discusses the top tensions on a construction project and how to avoid disputes.

Silt Content Test for Sand

Learn Civil Engineering

What is a Silt Content Test for Sand? The test is performed to determine the percentage of the silt present in the sand is known as the Silt content test. Silt is a fine material whose size is less than 150 micron. As their content in the sand is not good, that’s why we need […].

Complying With OSHA Silica Safety Guidelines

Construction Business Owner

Complying With OSHA Silica Safety Guidelines. Alex Headley. Fri, 09/10/2021 - 07:30. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than. million workers in the United States are exposed to crystalline silica dust — 90% of which are employed in construction.

Three Expansions To Create More Than 4,100 Jobs In Utah

Business Facilities

The technology/solar energy, aerospace, and life sciences companies will invest a total of more than $357 million across Utah.

Utah 93

Next Phase of Commonwealth Games Transport Hub Gets Green Light

The Constructor

Perry Barr in Birmingham is all set to welcome a new bus station ahead of the 2022 Commonwealth games.The city council has given the final nod to the.

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

The Building Materials Posting the Highest Price Growth

Pro Builder

The Building Materials Posting the Highest Price Growth. cbroderick. Fri, 09/10/2021 - 09:36. The prices of goods used as inputs to residential construction increased 19% year-to-date according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index.

Commercial Sustainability


New commercial buildings are trending toward increased concern for the environment. Builders are finding that a focus on sustainability improves their chances for repeated business as owners find cost savings in energy usage a major benefit of “going green.”.

What is Camber In Road? – Purpose, Types, Advantages

Civil Lead

What is Camber In Road? Camber is the cross slope given in the pavement in a transverse direction to drain. Read more. Transportation Engineering Civil Engineering Civil Engineers Construction Road

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The Importance of Adequate Lighting on Construction Sites

The Constructor

Adequate lighting on construction sites guarantees staff’s safety and health, enables workers to detect and avoid hazards more easily and. Building Technology Guide Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management Electrification

Veev’s Amit Haller on Scaling Innovation and Shortening the Supply Chain

Pro Builder

Veev’s Amit Haller on Scaling Innovation and Shortening the Supply Chain. ibush. Thu, 09/09/2021 - 12:56.

Everything Attachments To Invest $20M In North Carolina

Business Facilities

Farm implement and tractor attachment maker Everything Attachments will create 147 jobs at its new manufacturing campus in Conover, NC.

What rugby can teach us about designing the workspace of the future


In a 1986 Harvard Business Review article, “ The New New Product Development Game,” Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka observed that in order to excel in a fast-paced market, companies should emphasize speed and flexibility in product development.

How can Lignin Help Improve Concrete Construction?

The Constructor

Lignin is a wood waste, which after necessary processing, can be used in the field of building materials and construction as a water-reducing. Concrete Admixtures Concrete Properties Concrete Technology

Top Trends in Digital Sales and Marketing Strategies

Pro Builder

Top Trends in Digital Sales and Marketing Strategies. ibush. Tue, 09/07/2021 - 16:51. How four home builders found success by aggressively implementing or augmenting a variety of digital sales and marketing tools and strategies. Eugene L Meyer.

Shinhung Global USA To Expand Operations In Tennessee

Business Facilities

South Korean-based logistics company Shinhung Global USA to invest $10 million in new Clarksville facility, creating more than 80 new jobs.

Top 10 indoor amenities at multifamily housing developments for 2021


When it comes to planning indoor amenities at multifamily housing developments, developers and their building teams are focused on communal gathering spaces like lounges, coffee bars, and community kitchens—even in the age of COVID-19.

Plans 82

Suicide Stand Down


Construction can be a tough job. The pandemic in 2020, continuing even now, has turned many norms upside down. The combination of drastic change and hard work can have a serious negative impact on people employed in construction.

Hot Market and Listing Tactics Make Identifying Home Values Difficult

Pro Builder

Hot Market and Listing Tactics Make Identifying Home Values Difficult. cbroderick. Tue, 09/07/2021 - 09:44. With nearly 40% of homes selling over asking, many buyers play guessing games with their bids.

Colorado’s Wonder Haus

Natural Building

A Colorado Airbnb known as Wonder Haus seems to enchant all who visit. The owners, Adrian and Jeff Young, dreamed of creating an off-the-grid “mountain haven” with an arched glass-sided structure to feel immersed with the outdoors.

High-rise public school set for construction in Boston


The Josiah Quincy Upper School (JQUS), a 650-student public school, is set to rise on a one-acre site in Boston’s dense Chinatown neighborhood. The six-story, 178,000-sf building will house grades 6 through 12.

September 11: 20 Years Later

Business Facilities

What has not changed since September 11, 2001. (Re-published Re-published from September 9, 2016.). The post September 11: 20 Years Later appeared first on Business Facilities Magazine - Area Economic Development, Site Selection & Workforce Solutions.

What to Know About Selling Homes Online

Pro Builder

What to Know About Selling Homes Online. cbroderick. Fri, 09/10/2021 - 09:22. The pandemic has brought about a lot of change, but not the ultimate innovation, being able to sell new homes online.

Extraordinary Native American Engineering Feats

Natural Building

The Native Americans who occupied the area known as Poverty Point in northern Louisiana more than 3,000 years ago long were highly skilled engineers capable of building massive earthen structures that have withstood the test of time.