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3 key reasons to continue construction training even amid the pandemic

Construction Dive

Learn why proactive companies have successfully managed to maintain training through difficult times

How to Streamline the Construction Timecard Process

Viewpoint Construction Technology

How modern construction software can help make HR processes more efficient and mitigate errors associated with construction timecards. Viewpoint Technology

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How to connect site to office without any struggle

Lets Build

The key factor in getting any construction job done is good communication. Everyone working on a project has to know exactly how they fit in, precisely what their role is and what is expected of them – that includes the project manager. Free guide: How to reduce construction delays by more than 20%. Countless projects come off track, sometimes due to completely unforeseen circumstances.

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More Than Green Buildings, Green Roads

Green Building Law Update

If green building is going to repair the planet it will have to include green roads. Over 65% of the impervious surfaces in the U.S. are related to transportation (e.g., roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways), with the vast majority being roads. There are 4,180,817 miles of roads in the U.S.

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Top 10 cities for construction workers

Construction Dive

Small and midsize cities pay above-average construction wages and boast modest costs of living that make them excellent locations for workers in the industry, according to a new analysis

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Walmart To Build $20M Distribution Center In South Carolina

Business Facilities

The 3 million-square-foot facility will create more than 1,000 full-time jobs in Dorchester County, SC. Read: Walmart To Build $20M Distribution Center In South Carolina at

What Employment Laws Could Look Like After COVID-19

Construction Business Owner

What Employment Laws Could Look Like After COVID-19. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 08/06/2020 - 14:02. The reopening of America’s workplaces is creating a variety of challenges for employees and employers alike. In some cases, employers attempting to resume operations are hampered, and in some instances, they are unable to do so due to laid-off employees’ reluctance or refusal to return to work.

5 red flags that a job might not be worth the risk

Construction Dive

In challenging economic times, contractors need to be especially vigilant for warning signs such as uncertain financing, incomplete drawings or an owner with a bad reputation, experts say

AGC Calls for New Infrastructure, Other Relief Measures

Construction Superintendent Magazine

Construction employment decreased in 225, or 62%, out of 358 metro areas between June 2019 and last month despite widespread increases from May to June, according to an analysis of new government data that the Associated General Contractors of America released. Association officials urged government officials to enact liability reform, boost infrastructure investments and extend tax credits to help the industry recover and rebuild. “It’s

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Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Atlanta Is Hottest Tech Hub, NOLA Takes Logistics Crown

Business Facilities

Atlanta is the hottest growth leader among Tech Hubs and New Orleans tops the chart of Logistics Leaders in Business Facilities' 16th Annual Rankings Report. Read: Atlanta Is Hottest Tech Hub, NOLA Takes Logistics Crown at

Tom Lyerla, the standard bearer

The Korte Company

When Tom Lyerla and his wife Cheri would take their three daughters shopping, he’d often hang back from any discussions of blouses, shoes and accessories. Instead, he’d rove the perimeter of the store, checking for smooth drywall, seamless flooring transitions and thinking about how he’d have done the project differently. And that’s just off the jobsite.

$9.6B worth of infrastructure projects delayed or canceled during COVID-19

Construction Dive

The American Road & Transportation Builders Association released a report detailing projects that have been delayed or canceled by 44 states, transportation authorities and local governments

Komatsu Rebrands Mining Product Lines

Construction Equipment

Komatsu has announced plans to rebrand its underground hard rock equipment, surface wheel loaders, and new line of blasthole drills to reflect the company’s focus on growth in these areas. The company will retain its P&H and Joy brands for the products longest associated with those names: P

COVID-19 Response And Recovery Update

Business Facilities

Economic development organizations and local businesses keep finding inspiring and innovative ways to join forces to meet the most urgent needs of this unprecedented crisis. Read: COVID-19 Response And Recovery Update at

Five Ways To Increase Your Construction Business Profit

Contractor Bookkeeping

First, we always ask our clients to decide what they want from their construction company. Do you want to get rid of the boss? Do you want to work in a more structured environment? Are you sick and tired of working for the boss's son or daughter? Do you want to make much money? Do you wish to make enough money to pay the bills and enjoy a vacation now and then?

Hilti unveils its first exoskeleton

Construction Dive

The wearable will roll out in Sweden within a month before coming to the U.S. at unspecified date later this year

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Oklahoma State University’s North Academic Building begins construction


The North Academic Building and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (ME) at Oklahoma State University’s Center for Health Sciences has started construction. The project will relocate and upgrade services from multiple buildings currently in the center of campus and is the first phase of a master plan focused on health and advancement in research and education

U.S. Department Of Commerce Invests $10.1M In West Virginia

Business Facilities

The investment will support local strategies to spur business and job growth in West Virginia, including in Opportunity Zones. . Read: U.S. Department Of Commerce Invests $10.1M In West Virginia at

How to Carefully Manage Contracts in Changing Times

Construction Business Owner

How to Carefully Manage Contracts in Changing Times. Elizabeth Manning. Tue, 08/04/2020 - 15:21. Today’s construction landscape is difficult to navigate with its continually changing variables, delays, work stoppages, additional project requirements, health concerns and financial restraints. Nothing is certain, as job starts are delayed, schedules are modified weekly, customers stop and then restart projects, codes are enhanced, rules change and pressures mount to run your business smoothly.

Turner Construction shuts down Cincinnati jobsite in response to racist incidents

Construction Dive

New incidents have also surfaced in Toronto, where more nooses have been found on construction sites

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Survey Says Truck Fleets Using New Safety Features

Construction Equipment

Fleet Advantage has announced the results of its latest fleet industry benchmarking survey showing the impact new safety technologies have had on transportation fleets, how many fleets are still driving older-model trucks, and the leading reasons motivating upgrade decisions. The survey also shows

U.S. Outduels China In Artificial Intelligence, Startups And GDP

Business Facilities

The United States is outdueling China in a tight competition for global economic hegemony in Business Facilities' 16th Annual Rankings Report. Read: U.S. Outduels China In Artificial Intelligence, Startups And GDP at

Renovations could be hospitality’s stopgap for next few years


Their clients don’t expect the hospitality sector to fully recover from the coronavirus outbreak for at least two years. And while AEC firms serving this sector say they’ve restarted hotel projects that had been put on hold during the pandemic, they also foresee mostly renovation and adaptive reuse, rather than new construction, in their immediate futures.

Hard Rock New Orleans project owner updates body recovery schedule

Construction Dive

Remote-controlled robots are making their way to the bodies of two workers that have been trapped in the collapsed hotel structure since October

6 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roof (and Your Budget!)


Extend the life of your commercial roof – and your budget. Your commercial roof system may comprise 30% of your total building envelope, but it’s protecting 100% of your assets.

Walmart To Build $220M Distribution Center In South Carolina

Business Facilities

The 3 million-square-foot facility will create more than 1,000 full-time jobs in Dorchester County, SC. Read: Walmart To Build $220M Distribution Center In South Carolina at

Breathe Easier—Healthy Homes Go Mainstream

Pro Builder

Breathe Easier—Healthy Homes Go Mainstream. cbroderick. Sun, 08/02/2020 - 23:43. Stacey Freed. Of the various building concepts and practices to have made their way through the industry over the years—aging in place, universal design. energy efficiency, green building, and sustainability, among others—some have gained traction with builders and consumers and some are now required by code.

Readers Respond: COVID-19 has increased competition among contractors

Construction Dive

In this week's survey, Construction Dive readers said that while more construction companies are competing for the same jobs, some firms are "buying" work by lowballing their bids

5 Tips to Improve Construction Quality

The Constructor

The best way to ensure client satisfaction in a construction project is by incorporating a well-defined quality control process. A strict adherence. Exclusive Quality Control Guide Tips

PRIMED Medical Products To Establish Manufacturing Facility In Canada

Business Facilities

PRIMED is searching for a location for a domestic production hub and Centre of Excellence for North American personal protective equipment (PPE) production. Read: PRIMED Medical Products To Establish Manufacturing Facility In Canada at Canada Daily News Featured International Manufacturing Plastics & Medical Devices coronavirus corporate expansion COVID-19 Employment medical manufacturing personal protective equipment PPE PRIMED Medical Products Site Selection

Exploring the airborne transmission of the coronavirus and strategies for mitigating risk


The World Health Organization (WHO) is being challenged to modify its formal advice to recognize that transmission of the COVID-19 virus can occur via microdroplets suspended in air. In an open letter endorsed by more than 200 scientists, WHO is being called to acknowledge the overwhelming evidence regarding the danger of microdroplet transmission

Data insights from The Civil Quarterly: A new heavy/civil infrastructure report

Construction Dive

Read top data insights from heavy civil contractors in a new regular report on the $300B infrastructure industry