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20 Songs About Construction & Building

John Chaney

We work in the industry so it’s no surprise to us that construction has been referenced in music for decades. From kid songs like “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” all the way to anthems like “We Built This City,” construction-themed songs have made their way into our lives. From bluegrass groups to jam bands, country to alternative rock, we’ve got you covered.

Initial Coin Offerings on the Blockchain Under SEC Scrutiny

Collaborative Construction

The SEC recently issued a ruling that indicated certain initial coin offerings on the blockchain may involve the sale of securities. The substantive paper excerpted and linked below delves into the issues raised in great detail.

50 Shades of Green in Montgomery County

Green Building Law Update

Green building will remain mandatory for new construction in Montgomery County, Maryland and effective December 1, 2017, the International Green Construction Code 2012 will be a permitted alternative.

Green 130

Flexural Test on Concrete, Its Significance, Procedures and Applications

The Constructor

Flexural test on concrete based on the ASTM standards are explained. Differences if present in specification or any other aspects of flexural test on. Concrete Properties Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer Concrete Technology Concrete Test Concrete Tests propertiesofconcrete

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

The Drone Age

Business Facilities Blog

On Dec. 30, 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration announced the six locations it had selected to be government-sanctioned test sites for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), a.k.a. drones.

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Martin’s Point Health Care Center Recognized as Project of the Year

PC Construction Blog

On Tuesday, the Martin’s Point Health Care Center in Scarborough, Maine, was honored as the 2017 Project of the Year by the Scarborough Economic Development Corporation. The SMRT-designed project, which broke ground last April, replaces. All Awards Health Care & Life Sciences Projects

Maine 75

Economical Design of Reinforced Concrete Columns to Reduce Cost

The Constructor

Economical design of reinforced concrete columns and its construction practices and recommendations to reduce its cost of construction is. Structural Design Structural Engineering Column Structural

Volvo Investing Another $520M In South Carolina

Business Facilities Blog

Volvo Cars is investing an additional $520 million in its Berkeley County, SC operations and creating 1,910 new jobs. This expansion adds to the company’s initial 2015 announcement and brings the collective total investment at the Charleston site to more than $1 billion and 3,900 jobs.

Thinking Critically in a Collaborative Setting

Collaborative Construction

As a Philosophy Major I greatly value critical thinking. As an attorney, steeped in the Socratic Method who advocates the use of BIM & IPD to plan, design and construct smart built assets I particularly value the demonstration of critical thinking by experienced professionals operating, on their feet, in a collaborative environment.

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Furniture That Blends the Old with the New

Jetson Green

Traditional craft techniques have been in decline, and have mostly been replaced almost entirely by modern production methods. But in recently years we’ve seen some trends aimed at reviving some of them.

Roles and Responsibilities of Architect in Construction

The Constructor

Architects in construction plays an important role and they are responsible for visual appearance of the buildings and structures before final. Construction Engineering & Management Construction

Denso Investing $1B In Maryville, Tennessee Expansion

Business Facilities Blog

Global automotive supplier DENSO has announced that it will expand its operations in Maryville, TN.

Wise Owls at Rice Strike Again!

Collaborative Construction

Researches at Rice University in Houston Texas added a bit of asphalt to a lithium battery and increased the capacity of the battery significantly while, simultaneously, making the battery safer - less likely to catch fire / explode - and reducing the the time it takes to charge the battery! The Rice lab of chemist James Tour developed anodes comprising porous carbon made from asphalt that showed exceptional stability after more than 500 charge-discharge cycles.

How to Write a Winning Contractor Resume

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From Mary Walton. Mary Walton is one of PhD Thesis Writers , community for students who are in the process of dissertation writing. Mary has a blog - Simple Grad , where she shares her knowledge about college life. Also, she is an editor and proofreader at Research Paper Writing Service. --.

How to Decide Thickness of Different Masonry Walls in Buildings?

The Constructor

Thickness of masonry walls in a building is designed based on loads and other factors. Various requirements for suitable thickness of masonry walls. Building Technology Guide Structural Engineering Buildings Structural Walls

Hörmann Investing $64M In Tennessee

Business Facilities Blog

Hörmann, LLC will invest nearly $64 million to establish a manufacturing facility in Sparta, TN. The company plans to create approximately 200 new jobs at the new operation in White County.

A Century Old Windmill Transformed Into a Cozy Guesthouse

Jetson Green

Giving old buildings new life is one of the pillars of sustainable living, so it’s always great to see such renovations take place. A great example is this recently renovated windmill in Suffolk, United Kingdom.

Dedicated Labs Help to Bridge Tech Innovations to Practice

ENR Construction

On Sept. 26 in New York City, the Boston-based construction company Suffolk opened the first of six Smart Labs that it is building in the heart of its key offices in the U.S.

What is Floor Screed? Its Types, Materials, Construction and Applications

The Constructor

Floor screed is composed of cementitious materials and sand blended based on a suitable mix design and applied to provide a leveled surface for the. Building Materials Building Technology Guide Buildings

Fuzic Creating 225 Jobs In Indiana

Business Facilities Blog

Fuzic, a marketing tech platform that provides custom audio advertising and licensed music for location-based businesses, will expand its operations in Fishers, IN, creating up to 255 new, high-wage jobs by 2020. The company will invest $3.66

Traditional Design Techniques Make This Apartment a Lot More Spacious Than It Should Be

Jetson Green

More and more people are opting to live in micro apartments in big cities across the world, mainly due to rising real estate prices and rents. The problem is that small spaces can very quickly begin to feel cramped, but with some clever design solutions even this challenge can be overcome.

Tier One Contractors Are Trapped In The Supply Chain


The UK construction is in a continuous torment which can only get worse as time goes by and no bold decisions are taken. The situation where tier one contractors have come to is a strong indication toward that direction. According to Mark Farmer, the creator of the great ‘Modernise Or.

What are the Types of Structural Steel Framing Systems?

The Constructor

Different types of structural steel framing systems for buildings such as skeleton, wall bearing and long span framing systems and their applications. Structural Engineering Structural

Call For Entries: 2017 Economic Development Deal of the Year

Business Facilities Blog

CALL FOR ENTRIES. Submissions for Business Facilities’ 2017 Economic Development Deal of the Year are now being accepted. The awards will be announced in January 2018, and the winners will be featured prominently in the January/February 2017 issue of Business Facilities.

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Common generator problems in industrial settings

CK Power

Generators need to run smoothly and efficiently to effectively power necessary equipment in industrial settings. However, there are a few common problems industrial generators encounter that factory managers, OEMs and owners should be aware of in order to prevent downtime.

The 100 Biggest UK Construction Clients


In many of our latest posts, we have referred extensively to the problems that the UK construction has to battle against. Despite its big struggle for momentum, there still are some remarkable deals in the UK market. With that in mind, we decided to conduct a thorough research and present.

Deals 95

Top Issues Faced by Construction Industries in 2017 and Future

The Constructor

Construction industries faces a lot of challenges and issues such as productivity, sustainability, profit margins, lack of skilled labors, use of. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Project Construction Construction Projects

Small, Mid-Size U.S. Businesses Curb Enthusiasm About Economy

Business Facilities Blog

Optimism about the U.S. economy among business owners and leaders remains high, but has shifted significantly to a more moderate level according to the PNC Economic Outlook , a biannual telephone survey of small and medium-sized business owners, which began in 2003.

Giving the speech: (It is vital to prepare)

Construction Marketing Ideas

In the era of Internet and online marketing, one of the old-fashioned methods of attracting new business continues to be impressively effective: Providing well-thought speeches and presentations.


Tiny Minimalist Home

Jetson Green

The firm Escape has been making tiny homes for a while now, and their latest offering, the so-called Escape One, is just as well built as all the others. It features a charred wood façade and an interior layout that maximizes the available space in the most thoughtful way possible.

Hand Mixing of Concrete -Procedure and Precautions

The Constructor

Carrying out hand mixing of concrete requires special skills and care during the process for quality control of fresh concrete. Procedure and. Concrete Technology Guide For CIvil Engineer Concrete Technology

PowerSchool Investing $1.8M, Creating 96 Jobs In Virginia

Business Facilities Blog

PowerSchool, a leading education technology platform for K-12, will invest $1.8 million to expand its operations in the City of Roanoke, VA. The company also considered California, Pennsylvania, and Texas for the project, which will retain 85 existing jobs and create 96 new jobs. Photo: PowerSchool).

Top 90 K-12 architecture firms