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7 Key Ingredients of a Data-Driven Contractor


Does your company have all the right pieces to become a modern, data-driven contractor? Construction Best Practices

Face coverings reveal a new set of jobsite issues

Construction Dive

While protective face coverings can keep employees safe from COVID-19 and are required in some areas, they have led to questions and in some cases, pushback, from workers. Here is how to ensure compliance


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Even After COVID-19, Execs Expect Remote Work Trend To Continue

Business Facilities

Companies that had more remote workers before COVID-19 report that they are actually seeing increased employee productivity during the crisis, according to a new survey. Read: Even After COVID-19, Execs Expect Remote Work Trend To Continue at

Why you can?t run complex construction projects with Whatsapp and Excel

Lets Build

Almost all of us have in one way or another used WhatsApp at some point in our lives to communicate with our friends, family, and even colleagues. What makes WhatsApp so popular is how easy it is to exchange messages and photos with your connections.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Why is Plan Cost Management Necessary? [PDF]

The Constructor

Plan cost management is a system for handling the costs of a project throughout its lifecycle. With the help of a cost management plan, standard. Estimating & Costing

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New app seeks to recruit young people to construction

Construction Dive

The Construction Careers Foundation’s new app demonstrates the possibilities of a career in construction to people in their teens to early 20s

Two New LEED Pilot Credits Respond to COVID-19

Green Building Law Update

America is reopening including physically opening its buildings and the U.S. Green Building Council has announced that LEED will play a role in confronting risk in the post coronavirus pandemic era.

Bates Precast Concrete To Invest $5M In Georgia Expansion

Business Facilities

The concrete company will build new office, production and storage space at its facility at Lake Park Industrial Park in Valdosta-Lowndes County, GA. Read: Bates Precast Concrete To Invest $5M In Georgia Expansion at

The Return of Construction sites ? But Not as We Knew Them


As contractors begin to head back to work across the UK, new rules and jobsite procedures await; technology is helping teams adjust to the new normal. Construction Technology/News

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You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

What new PPP loan guidance means for contractors

Construction Dive

The clarifications are intended to make the Paycheck Protection Program more flexible for construction and other businesses while Congress works to expand some of the program's parameters

10 Ways Technology can help Construction Fight COVID-19 [PDF]

The Constructor

The construction sector is one of the worst-hit sectors by COVID-19. To begin with, contractors had to shut down sites to protect their workers. Construction Engineering & Management Digital tools

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How Cash Flow Forecasts Help Contractors

Contractor Bookkeeping

Managing cash flow is a vital part of running a successful construction business. Some contractors think managing cash flow means keeping track of how much money enters and leaves their business, but there's actually more that goes into it. Starting Cash + Cash In - Cash Out] = Cash Flow.

The world’s first building made from carbon-fiber reinforced concrete starts construction in Germany


Two months ago, the foundation was poured for CUBE, a 2,200-sf, two-story building on the premises of Technical University Dresden in Germany, that claims to be the world’s first building made entirely of carbon-fiber reinforced concrete

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Modular Monitor: What to consider before making the move to offsite construction

Construction Dive

While the coronavirus may lead more firms to check out modular building techniques, experts say contractors should thoroughly understand the differences in bidding, scheduling, budgeting and more that go along with them

Self Compacting Concrete Mix Design


The post Self Compacting Concrete Mix Design appeared first on Civiconcepts.

4 Ways You Can Use a Recession to Build Resilience

Construction Business Owner

4 Ways You Can Use a Recession to Build Resilience. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 06/04/2020 - 08:47. As the recession due in large part to the coronavirus pandemic starts to bite, construction companies can take one of two courses of action.

How to Plan a Construction Project using Work Breakdown Structure? [PDF]

The Constructor

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a tool for simplifying the complexity of a particular task of a project. The task is broken down into smaller. Construction Engineering & Management Construction Management

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Gilbane exec: COVID-19 will lead to lower material prices

Construction Dive

The coronavirus' impact on the supply chain has been "less than expected," Joe Piro, vice president of supply chain for Gilbane Building Co., told Construction Dive

From the Roof to the Walls: How to Properly Waterproof Homes

GCP Applied Technologies

From the Roof to the Walls: How to Properly Waterproof Homes. Phillip.fry@gc…. Tue, 06/02/2020 - 08:45. GCP Applied Technologies. June 10, 2020. Protect Residential Projects from Mother Nature in Three Steps. Builders know that weather isn't what it used to be.

Indiana Devotes Nearly $44M To Economic Recovery Efforts

Business Facilities

The new initiatives were launched to help Indiana businesses restart, adapt and stimulate long-term growth, especially small businesses and manufacturers. . Read: Indiana Devotes Nearly $44M To Economic Recovery Efforts at

How to Place, Compact, Cure, and Rectify Defects of Concrete? [PDF]

The Constructor

The properties of concrete such as durability, strength, workability, and setting time are greatly influenced by way of handling, transporting, Building Technology Guide Concrete Technology Concrete Work Procedure How To Guide Work Procedures

Coronavirus fallout could increase multifamily construction demand in suburbs

Construction Dive

The pandemic has amplified a demographic shift that could affect demand for apartments and condos, according to analysts and construction officials

Types of Building Materials & Their Applications


The post Types of Building Materials & Their Applications appeared first on Civiconcepts.

Braven Environmental To Invest $31.7M In Virginia

Business Facilities

The company will establish a first-of-its-kind waste plastics facility and manufacturing operation and create 52 new jobs in Cumberland County, VA. Read: Braven Environmental To Invest $31.7M In Virginia at

How to Pour Concrete in Columns and Walls? [PDF]

The Constructor

Pouring concrete in columns and walls needs great caution to ensure the achievement of designated strength and durability. Place the concrete in. Concrete Technology Concrete Work Procedure Construction Engineering & Management How To Guide Work Procedures

Amid protests, some construction sites damaged, subject to curfews

Construction Dive

Most of the incidents across the country have been minor but several buildings under construction have been destroyed

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EquipmentShare Partners with Doosan in Dealerships

Construction Equipment

EquipmentShare is opening dealerships in Salt Lake City and Commerce City, Colorado, in partnership with Doosan Infracore North America. EquipmentShare, a construction technology and rental service provider, is expanding both in product offerings and physical rental yard locations. The dealership

Triax Releases Hard Hat Tags to Monitor Social Distancing and Contact Trace Amid COVID-19

Construction Junkie

via Triax. Many construction sites are open after nationwide shelter-in-place orders slowed the industry due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, but it’s still not business as usual. Social distancing efforts still need to be in place, but that can be hard to manage.

How to Prevent Concrete Curling? [PDF]

The Constructor

Concrete curling is a defect observed in concrete slab structures. Curling is the bending of slab edges either upwards or downwards. Curling of. Concrete Cracks How To Guide

Construction conferences go virtual, reschedule for the remainder of 2020

Construction Dive

Industry conferences have begun to announce responses to the coronavirus, be it canceling, rescheduling or hosting events online. Here is a look at events for the rest of the year

Software Allows Robots to Site-Map

Construction Equipment

Researchers are working with a mobile robotic platform called Husky A200 that could be used for autonomous logistic tasks on construction sites. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Italia Innovation Engineering Center based in Bolzano, Italy, are developing software that will enable mobile robots to find

The Ultimate Construction Father's Day Gift Guide 2020

Construction Junkie

Father’s Day 2020 is June 21, so you better get started on gift ideas if you want to impress dad this year. Whether your father is contractor, handyman, or DIYer, we’ve got a lot of great ideas for him this year.