how to inspect for painting works?

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Is there any procedure/method statement/guideline for painting works? Read More at how to inspect for painting works? The Constructor

How to Inspect Painting Works in Building?

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Is there any procedure or method statement or guideline for inspection of painting works in buildings? Read More at How to Inspect Painting Works in

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Oroville Dam Close-Call Leads to Improved Inspections

Construction Equipment

California's Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday that will bring improved inspection processes and schedules to the state's 1,250 dams that are classified as high-risk under federal guidelines

Rail Officials Seek Improved Design, Inspection Standards

ENR Construction

Public transportation officials are seeking official inspection standards for rail-specific infrastructure, and are also pursuing universal design guidelines to maximize public service at transit stations

60-Mile-Long Drone Inspection Flight Points to the Future

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The successful demonstration of safe operation of an inspection drone by a pilot located miles away and beyond visual line of site will help the Federal Aviation Administration develop rules and guidelines for routinely permitting commercial inspection flights in the future

New guidelines for quality control on application of membrane roof systems released


The National Roofing Contractors Association has released Quality Control and Quality-assurance Guidelines for the Application of Membrane Roof Systems. The document provides NRCA's on-site evaluation guidelines during the application of membrane roof systems.

OSHA way out of line with new Severe Violator guidelines

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OSHA has issued long-awaited additional guidelines for the Severe Violators Enforcement Program and as you might expect from the “New” OSHA, they are way out of line and don’t address a major problem with the program. It also subjects companies to inspections at their other locations around the country and effectively imposes a “shaming penalty” by placing the companies on a public list of severe violators.

Guidelines for site layout or job layout at construction site

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Keep a systematic viewpoint for easy inspection of the materials. Site layout refers to the plan of the construction site. It provides the area as well as the proper position for arranging the necessary resources in the construction work.

Job Order Contracting – Recommended Best Practices

Job Order Contracting

Lack of formal written policies, procedures or guidelines is the primary reason for JOC Program failure and/or inconsistencies in project management and documentation, and compliance. Establish processes and guidelines for evaluating and negotiating Contractor Job Order Contract proposals. Regular and ongoing owner inspections of work in progress and upon completion.

San Francisco Issues Rules for High-Rise Foundations

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of Building Inspection issued interim guidelines and procedures for structural, geotechnical and seismic-hazard engineering design review for new buildings, 240 ft or taller The city and county Dept.

OSHA steps into the fray on Ebola

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Nurses and doctors are understandably concerned about the risks of dealing with patients potentially infected with Ebola, as are hospital administrators, yet fully complying with CDC guidelines can be extremely expensive in an environment in which many hospitals operate on very thin margins. Jonathan Snare of Morgan Lewis has provided an insightful analysis of how to address the potential of an OSHA inspection in these circumstances.

OSHA 118

El Nino Storms Test California Contractors

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Extensive stormwater guidelines in California are complicating the effects of this winter's record setting El Nino storms in California. During a storm 99 percent of their time is spent inspecting stormwater controls

Lockout Tagout Demystified

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However, you, as a business owner, can keep your workers safe and reduce their chance of sustaining injuries by preparing and adhering to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) guidelines on hazardous energy. Inspect and Update Procedures on a Regular Basis.

The Use Drones and UAVs in Construction

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Some tasks that they can be used for include: surveying land, showing clients or potential clients an aerial view of completed projects, for monitoring jobsites to better ensure safe practices, inspections (such as bridges or other structures that can be difficult to inspect), and much, much more.

Cold Stress in the Workplace

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Thankfully, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA has laid out guidelines to ensure the safety of employees exposed to extreme conditions. OSHA’s Cold Stress safety guidelines have laid out several measures employees can take before working in extreme conditions.

Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture: Green.

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Green Guidelines and Certification for your Home. There are several ways for your home to meet guidelines or gain certification for certain standards for "green" qualities. Ill list below the most popular guidelines and certification programs that are available. It requires a fair amount of detailed analysis and the inspection by a trained inspector. The Green Building Guidelines were written by the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council.

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Rapid Response Investigations: Beware of OSHA Safe Harbor

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These guidelines, which have just been revised, explained how OSHA would receive and respond to injury reports under the new rules. OSHA’s initial interim guidelines called for injuries reported under the new requirements to be placed in one of 3 categories. Under the new guidelines, the established fine is $5,000, with area directors having discretion to issue the maximum fine (currently $7,000, but set to rise to $12,500) if they deem it necessary to deter future violations.

OSHA 100

Steel Framing Industry Association’s certification program aims to ensure connector quality


The Steel Framing Industry Association has launched a certification program to ensure that cold-formed steel connectors meet quality guidelines, building codes, and ASTM standards. The program includes laboratory tests, on-site inspections and unannounced audits to ensure certified steel products meet standard tolerances for shape, material thickness, and corrosion protection.

Download Scaffolding Code of Safe Practices Now

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With enough content to fill a small poster, the code covers general guidelines as well as erection, use, and dismantling. The rules don’t go into all systems so any manufacturer guidelines also need to be followed. Exactly How Does A Safety Manual Protect Your Company in an Inspection?

Safety Spotlight: OSHA’s Top 10 Most-Cited Standards


Review Safety Guidelines and Provide Training. It’s worth doing a safety audit of your jobsites — in addition to regular required safety inspections — to determine which safety procedures you should provide further training for.

Safety 197

Cold Weather Safety Tips for Construction


Cold weather-related illnesses and injuries can be prevented by following the guidelines below. Properly de-ice and inspect machinery and tools, as well as pathways and scaffolding.

Safety 227

Winter Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

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Train your team on OSHA's snow and ice guidelines. Hazard Inspections. Doing so will enable management to create specific safety guidelines for the area. Winter Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention. There's no denying that we're in the thick of winter.


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The longest a hat should be in service is four to five years according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Inspect hats regularly. Inspect the inside suspension for fraying, cuts, tears, and dirt. Stickers should not cover large areas of the hat, which could make difficult to inspect. Any time a hard hat is struck by an object or dropped on a hard surface, it should be inspected for damage before continuing to use it.

Generator testing: Achieving compliance under NFPA 110 Chapters 7 and 8

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Along with assistance from your generator manufacturer, you’ll test your EPSS installation and ensure it both follows NFPA guidelines and is acceptable to your AHJ. Generally speaking, you’ll need to perform a weekly inspection and a monthly load test on your EPSS (8.4.1).

Silica Standards Signal Safety Commitment in Construction

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It’s easy to recognize the safety concerns right in front of us – like scaffold and fall protection, machinery safety and tools and equipment inspection – but our industry also needs to think long-term about how hazards we’re exposed to can affect our workers. That said, while many of the new silica guidelines formalize existing best practices, elements of the silica rule will require real change and will take time, effort, and yes, money, to implement consistently.

Safety 128

Top Fines & OSHA Regulations

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Number of Inspections: 623. Number of Inspections: 1,488. Number of Inspections: 1,055. Number of Inspections: 1,461. Make sure your hard hat fits properly and is maintained and inspected regularly. Number of Inspections: 851. Per OSHA Fine Per Inspection.

How Interstate Electrical Services Became a Leader in Lean Construction


Conduct field studies which involve having team members complete a workflow cycle and then inspect current practices to determine inefficiencies or roadblocks. Train your workforce to follow the updated guidelines, and make sure any lingering questions are answered. Editor’s note: The following blog post is an article by one of our clients, Billerica, Mass.-based based Interstate Electrical Services. The article originally ran in Construction Dive on Feb.

Make Crane Safety Priority One!


A fundamental knowledge of inspection, maintenance, and operating procedures can make the difference been smooth operation and a tragic mishap. Second, controls must be inspected regularly to be sure that all motions agree with the controls as marked.

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Job Order Contracting Best Practices

Building Information Management

Formalize and Document all JOC policies, procedures, or guidelines with a JOC Operations Manual associate with the Contract. Formalized Project Inspection and Project Closeout Processes and Procedures.

Safety Programs

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Hazard Identification and Control: Your company should perform periodic inspections and have procedures of identifying existing or potential hazards in the workplace and eliminating or controlling them. Here’s a quick checklist and guideline on how to go about it. Safety Programs.

#4 Respiratory Protection: Understanding Top OSHA Violations of 2013

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Just two examples of OSHA inspections resulting in serious violations gives insight. If you aren’t confident on both grounds, take a look at the following small business OSHA guidelines.


Common Sense Workplace Safety

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Successful workplace safety programs must provide frequent and regular inspections of the materials, operating procedures, PPE, job-site conditions, emergency procedures, safe work practices, hazard communication program (including SDS sheets), and equipment. Workplace Safety.

Julian Construction Gives Basics On Finding A Contractor For Home.

Julian Construction

It was written by an industry professional, Shawn Kyles, who has inspected over 15,000 structures during his career. Inspection Consultation. Foundation Inspections. Julian Construction Blog. Shawn Kyles. Partner, Julian Construction. Contact Info. Our Services.

Different types of bearings used in bridge structures

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As per guidelines by ASSHTO, the bridge span should be less than 15m to use sliding bearing in bridge structures. These bearings are susceptible to deterioration and corrosion, so inspection and maintenance should be performed on regular basis.

How asset tracking software solves major construction management challenges


The need to be compliant with industry guidelines is becoming increasingly more important for companies worldwide. In fact, in 2006, more than 59% of all OSHA inspections conducted in America took place within the construction sector.

Facilities Maintenance Checklist and Procedures

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Inspect electrical power panel. Inspect control panel for loose connections. Inspect Bollard/Barricade coatings, decals and paint. Visually inspect for corrosion. Inspect general arrangement of door and mechanism, mountings, standards, wind locks, anchor bolts, counterbalances, weather stripping, door sweeps etc. Inspect gear box, change or add oil as required. Inspect mountings, hinges, mats, and trim, weather stripping, etc. Inspect anchor bolts.

Fundamentals of Residential Construction 4th Edition – An exclusive ebook by Alexander C. Schreyer

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The book provides detailed guidelines on the each step of construction process for building up single family and multifamily home building. Edward Allen, Rob Thallon and Alexander C.

Process Safety Management

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Look for documentation of each inspection and test performed on process equipment. Records must include test date, the inspector’s name, a description of the activity and the inspection results. SDS Guidelines. Process Safety Management.

PPE for Industrial Safety

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Here are some guidelines to follow when using this type of PPE. Guidelines. Inspect and test your belt carefully before use to make sure there aren’t any defects, and that the belt fits properly. PPE for Industrial Safety .

Examining OSHA’s Pending IIPP Standard

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This standard, however, will make it a requirement as well as set guidelines for what must be included in the program. This will include investigating incidents, inspecting the workplace for hazards, and identifying new hazards created by worksite changes or emergencies.