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Is Your Company in One of These 7 Stages of Profitable Businesses?

Construction Business Owner

To build your business to its fullest earning potential, you must stop doing the little tasks and start doing what truly matters most to you.

Optimism high amid uncertainty

Construction Dive

Commercial builders mostly expect profit to grow this year despite economic warning bells around debt and trade, according to an ABC confidence index

Debt 136

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Washroom Partitions – The Definitive Construction Guide


I know what you’re thinking, washroom partitions – what a riveting subject. Washroom partitions may not be the most exciting of subjects but they are something that is installed in every building no matter the construction type.

Construction Lead Services-Comparison of Dodge and ConstructConnect

Construction Marketing

A few years back we took a look at the two largest construction lead services serving the commercial construction market: Dodge Data & Analytics and ConstructConnect.

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

How Real-Time Job Costing Elevates Construction Management

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Real-time access to and processing of job cost data is vital to the health of contractors' projects

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Changing the Workforce Narrative

Contractor Magazine

Exclusive interview with PHCC’s Michael Copp reveals interesting take on workforce development


CFRP Laminates for Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams

The Constructor

The use of Carbone fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) strips for shear strengthening of reinforced concrete beam has gain great success. Structural. Beam Design Concrete Technology Fiber reinforced Structural Engineering Beams Fibre reinforced Structural Design

State of the Construction Industry: August 2019 Roundup

Viewpoint Construction Technology

Contractors turning to technology as the construction industry prepares for possible downturn

Report: Construction starts slow in 7 of top 20 US markets

Construction Dive

A Dodge analysis finds that growth in commercial and multifamily starts has declined in the first half of the year compared to last year in key markets including Seattle, San Francisco and New York City

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

Green mechanical contractor walks its talk

Contractor Magazine

Calling themselves the greenest firm in the DC area, Shapiro & Duncan this week has caught the attention of our diligent sustainability columnist. He's most impressed with how the third-generation firm is enthusiastically practicing what it preaches

DC 98

7 Common Design Faults Causing Damage to Concrete

The Constructor

There are number of common design faults that lead to the damage of concrete and hence the capacity of the structural member would be reduced. Detailing Guide How To Guide Structural Design Structural Engineering Design

Reaching the Next Generation of Skilled Workers

Construction Business Owner

In theory, the solution to closing your company’s skilled labor gap seems clear: just hire a few more people. Your company will be fully staffed; you can complete all of your open projects and even take on more.


The Dotted Line: When contractors can walk off the job

Construction Dive

Certain project dynamics give GCs or construction managers the right to stop work and bill for doing so

DOT 133

Getting the Right People

Contractor Magazine

It’s tempting to lower your hiring standards, except we all know the gigantic can of worms that opens up


Reinforcement Treatment Methods for Corrosion Protection

The Constructor

Treatment of reinforcements with proper materials and agents one of the defensive layers against corrosion attacks in aggressive environments. There. How To Guide Reinforcement Guide corrosion of reinforcement reinforcement

How to Create a Qualifier Contingency Plan

Construction Business Owner

Getting a contractor’s license is a complicated, time-consuming process. Creating a qualifier contingency plan is a simple, low-cost effort that mitigates those vulnerabilities while providing the added benefits of developing your qualifier pipeline and facilitating business development.

Plans 106

Project planners shave $1.4 billion from Hudson River tunnel budget

Construction Dive

The revised plan for the New York-to-New Jersey rail system pegs a new tunnel build and a rehab of the existing system at $11.3 billion, especially if it's delivered through design-build

Service Nation Announces Accredited Degree, Certification Program

Contractor Magazine

Service Nation Partners with the University of North Texas to create a first-of-its-kind program for residential contractors

The Value of Drone Tech

Construction Equipment

An article in Commercial UAV News reports that when it comes to quantifying the value of drone technology, the calculation is usually related to how drones are making a given process faster, cheaper, or safer. Using drones to avoid disputes about the work that is or isn’t being done in the field

Servanthood: The New Trend in Leadership

Construction Business Owner

The term “servant leader” can be viewed as an oxymoron. How can a person lead and be a servant at the same time? A common misconception is that servant leaders are practically subservient to their followers. But that isn’t true servant leadership.

Eisenhower Memorial construction takes a high-tech approach

Construction Dive

Clark's precise installation of the 450-foot-wide, Frank Gehry-designed tapestry on to a 125-ton box beam system will rely on scanning technology

Design 115

Adding Educational Facilities to Your HVAC Business Mix

Contractor Magazine

Success in providing mechanical systems in the educational sector requires mastering challenges related to bidding, scheduling and security

An ‘Internet of Beings’? Kinetic flooring promises more than just energy generation


You’ve heard of whistling while you work. What about energizing while you walk? . That’s the idea behind Pavegen, a flooring system that generates electrical energy with every step you take.

10 Best Tools For Your Construction Business: Make Your Process Easier

Contractor Bookkeeping

Today's Guest Article Is From Mary Hunter. As construction business owners, you probably wondered how to make your work more productive without being tied to a computer when you're off the field. How to organize your workflow and be as efficient as possible?

Illinois enacts new retainage law amid national trend

Construction Dive

Twenty states have restricted owners' withholding of contractor payments, a lawyer says, and the state's action could prompt others to make the change

IFS Delivers Emergency Pipe, Pump, AC and Boiler Service

Contractor Magazine

Flood damage due to water main break demands fast action

Maine 75

BIM implementation and management: Changing construction from the bottom up

Lets Build

Construction is an industry that still runs on tradition and relies heavily on pen and paper for many of the processes on the site and the office. The good news is that a digital wave is rapidly approaching the sector.

BIM 97

Fast And Easy Contractor Networking

Contractor Bookkeeping

Profitable contractors attend networking events not because they have nothing better to do; they do it because it pays off. You can either spend hours doing office tasks like bookkeeping or getting face to face with someone who may need your services.

Six tips for navigating the equipment financing process

Construction Dive

Funding heavy-equipment acquisitions through specialized asset-backed financing allows you to purchase more and better equipment

Helping Contractors Thrive

Contractor Magazine

Bradford White Corporation has spent years honing its relationships with contractors

How Industry Leaders Are Improving Project Performance with Data

Construction Business Owner

As projects get increasingly complex, schedules tighten and labor shortages stretch everyone’s resources, it is more important than ever to get current, accurate and complete data from field operations into the hands of decision-makers at construction firms.

LEAN Construction Adoption Delayed by Industry Mind-set

Job Order Contracting

Specific to construction, and more importantly LEAN Construction Planning, Procurement, and Project Delivery, emphasis upon process and an overall program approach is required to delivery consistent and significant outcome improvement. Better owner leadership and competency is sorely needed.