CMA STAR Awards – 2011 Winners Announced

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The Construction Marketing Association (CMA), sponsor of the annual CMA STAR Awards and CONSTRUCTION MARKETER OF THE YEAR Awards , announces 2011 award winners. 2011 Construction Marketer of the Year Award Winners. 2011 CMA Star Awards Best-In-Show.

A Breakdown of Construction Spending in 2011


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Engineering News-Record (ENR) The 2011 Top 400 Contractors

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ENR’s 2011 Top 400 Contractors ranks the 400 largest General Contractors by 2010 revenue. There is also a statistical summary of the 2011 Top 400 “at a Glance” by markets and regions.

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Commercial Construction Tips: Six Best Practice Resolutions for 2011

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Working with design-build GCs is a good resolution for 2011. Try switching it up in 2011 and bring in your GC first. Now that I’ve shared what your resolutions should be for 2011, it’s only fair that I share mine. Oh, and for 2011 to be Englewood Construction’s best year yet!

Instance Parameter Comparison Revit 2012 and 2011

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The manner in which Revit reacts to Instance Parameter changes to families you place has changed from version 2011 to 2012. In the past Revit regarded the changing of an instance parameter as though it was more important than the default value the family is supposed to use.

The Power of LinkedIn for Construction Marketing (Part 1 of 2)

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Part 1 of 2—LinkedIn Profiles and Company Pages. This is part 1 in a two part series on the power of LinkedIn for construction marketing. Part 1 will discuss why you should join LinkedIn, LinkedIn profiles, company pages, and provide you with a LinkedIn To-Do list.

Marketing Automation, Part I: What It Is and Why You Need It

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On the unlikely chance that you haven’t heard of marketing funnel automation until now, you will in 2011. The Secret Engine Behind Effective Lead Generation, Nurturing and Management. Credit to Josh Stailey of The Pursuit Group, Inc. and The Business Marketing Institute.

RTCAUS 2011 - Getting Underway

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RTCAUS 2011 RTC2011It's midday Wednesday in Australia while it's late Tuesday in the USA. We are well underway getting the conference ready to kick off tomorrow in Goldcoast. We've posted some pictures at the Facebook page for RTC if you are curious.

Practical Tips for Advertising Testing

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Advertising is one of the most expensive elements in the marketing mix, whether print, broadcast or online. And because of the fickle and subjective nature of advertising, seemingly great ideas can flop, while unexpected approaches surprise even the most experienced marketers.

Retail Home Center Marketing Best Practices – Webcast

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The free webcast for members and non-members is scheduled for Tuesday, August 16, 2011 at 1 pm CST. A webcast on retail home center marketing and merchandising best practices for construction products is now open for registration on the Construction Marketing Association (CMA) website. Click Here To Register! Learn how to market to The Home Depot, Lowe’s, hardware co-ops and related channels. Topics include merchandising, packaging, promotions and line reviews.

Content Marketing is King for Construction!

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The recent CMA webcast “ Killer Construction Content ” demonstrated that content is king! Content marketing is becoming foundational to a modern marketing program. Content supports such goals as awareness, customer retention and lead generation.

Twitter for Construction Marketing

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Twitt er has some amazing capabilities that most people do not know about. Everyone assumes that Twitter is a way to let everyone know what they are doing every minute of everyday. Some individual users may use it for this purpose, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen.

Building Teams First – Buildings Next


Team building is one of those touchy feely ideas that usually gets placed on the priority list alongside dentist office visits and polar bear swimming competitions.

Construction Marketing Advisors Recognized as Top-Agency by BtoB Magazine

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Construction Marketing Association Marketing Awards Awards Construction Marketing Advisors Top Agency 2011Construction Marketing Advisors, agency partner to the Construction Marketing Association (CMA), was recently recognized by BtoB Magazine as a Top-Agency for 2010.

Commercial Construction Tips on Dividing a Retail Box into a Multi-Tenant Space

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What was once an Ethan Allen store in Wheaton…. As a shopping center landlord or retail developer, you might find yourself with a big empty retail space you need fill – especially if you had Borders or Circuit City as a tenant.

Business Development for Construction and the AEC Industry

Carol Hagen

Business Development in construction is successful when approached as a long term strategy. With all the social networks exploding many have suggested that LinkedIn is all you need for Business to Business.

Commercial Construction Highs and Lows of 2011

Commercial Construction

As 2011 comes to a close, it’s time for us to look back on the commercial construction building trends , news and projects of this past year and share our thoughts on the highs and lows in the industry. HIGH – Everyone was submitting drawings in 2011.

Social Media: Do We Really Need-i-ya?


Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, friends, followers, this thing, that thing, does it ever stop? Honestly, this is just getting way out of hand. There’s movies about it, talk shows, lawsuits, privacy concerns, what next? I shudder at the thought. .


Second IPD Round Table Series - Registration and Payment

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The Second IPD Round Table series begins May 5, 2011 at 9:30 a.m. Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! Second IPD Round Table Series Launched NOTE: IF YOU JUST REGISTERED FOR THE WEBINAR AND YOU NEED TO PAY SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE TO THE PAYPAL / MAILING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

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Bidding Partner Required on $2 million Health Center


I would need to know if you are interested by October 12, 2011. I just purchased the plans for the Cecil County Health Center in Conawingo, MD. The total project cost will come in around $2 million, however at this time, I do not have the bonding capacity for this job.

A Glimpse of Wall Street – 2011


On Friday I happened to be in a little place called New York City. While there, I happened to stroll through a particular street you may have heard of once or twice before – Wall Street.

Why Contractors and the AEC Industry Need Cupcakes

Carol Hagen

Contractors and the construction industry as a whole love celebrations. For Architects, Contractors and Engineers a cupcake reminds us of our childhood, the birthday parties you attended and the Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets, Legos and Tonka Trucks you received.

Attend Autodesk University 2011 Virtually

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Here are the details I swiped from the Autodesk web site : AU Virtual 2011 Join us for the premier virtual conference dedicated to the worldwide Autodesk user community. Plus you can network with other virtual attendees, watch key AU 2011 Las Vegas presentations and insider videos, and visit online exhibits—right from your desktop. Then join us online November 29–30 for AU Virtual 2011. Registration opens November 15, 2011

Understanding Today’s Separation of Landlord and Commercial Tenant Construction

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While I think everyone in the retail industry likes to hear news that 2011 retail sales are up – as it usually means new retail construction projects are in the pipeline – it’s still tough for shopping center landlords to make deals work with retail tenants.

Darnell and Emotional Intelligence Get Shout Out from ENR


I received an email a few weeks ago from Brent Darnell telling me and a number of his other LinkedIn contacts that ENR magazine published a review of his book, “The People Profit Connection.”

Construction Communications and the Email Tidal Wave

Carol Hagen

Email can be a contractor’s best friend or worst enemy. Construction personnel communicate frequently to achieve good project outcomes and this usually involves email and with more mobile devices, text messages.

What Owners Want. They Want IT ALL!

Collaborative Construction

Welcome to the Collaborative Revolution! Below is an excerpt from the article I wrote for the June edition of AUGIWorld Magazine. I will publish a link to the full article later this summer, but I wanted to provider readers of the blog and the Collaborative Construction Newsletter with a preview.

HTML5 in Drupal 7 | SonSpring

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May 21st 2011. SonSpring. Journal. About. Resources. Contact. Search form. Search. HTML5 in Drupal 7. — Topic: Content Management. I have been meaning to write this post for awhile. A few friends have asked me to explain how to do HTML5 in Drupal 7, via Twitter. Another concerned individual, having found a passing reference to it in a book review , even emailed: “I urge you to start producing this post just as deeply as you explained basic 960 principles. How I enjoyed reading it.

How Appropriate Is It To Have A Casino Everywhere?


Remember the days when it was a big deal to go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City and throw a few bucks down on black or red and possibly pull a few slots? It was fun to make a trip of it.

2011 SAB Awards Winning Project - Shepard Environmental Education Centre

SAB Magazine

Building Case Studies 2011 SABAwards WInning Projects Bow Rive Building Management System Gabion walls low-E triple glazed Shepard Environmental Education Centre Shepard wetland

Revit Schmevit - Go See Steve Shell at RTCUSA 2011

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If you aren't sure about attending RTCUSA 2011 in Huntington Beach, CA this June.maybe getting to see Steve Shell (the Rock-n-Roll Revit Architect) and Shell Shock will help make up your mind?? News RTCUSA 2011 RTC2011

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Chicago Retail Construction News and Trends – 2011 Updates

Commercial Construction

Now that spring is officially here, I wanted to reflect on the Chicago retail construction trends and news we’ve seen so far in 2011. There have been other promising retail construction trends in 2011. It will be interesting to see how Chicago’s retail market progresses in 2011.

2011 CMA Star Awards Best-In-Show

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The Construction Marketing Association is proud to highlight the best in show of the 2011 Construction Marketing STAR Awards. Best-in-Show honors goes to the the winner of the most STAR or SUPERSTAR awards, which for 2011 was McGraw-Hill Construction with 13 total awards.

QR Codes for Construction Marketing

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The hype is backed up by statistics such as 14 million American’s scanned QR Codes in June, 2011 alone! QR Codes are everywhere ! source: comScore) Clearly most of what we encounter is consumer advertising and retail applications. So what about the construction industry?

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The Power of LinkedIn for Business-to-Business Marketing (Part 2 of 2)

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This is part two in a two part series on the power of LinkedIn for construction marketing. The Power of LinkedIn for Construction Marketing Part 1 discussed why you should join LinkedIn, LinkedIn profiles, company pages, and provide you with a LinkedIn To-Do list.

RTC USA 2011 Registration is Open

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Registering now qualifies for Earlybird pricing (until April 8, 2011) Visit the Revit Technology Conference site (US Event) Register to Attend (USA) RTC is the midyear "fix" for Revit "addicts" between Autodesk University. Registration RTC 2011Subject line says it all! You can Register for the event now!

Does California Green Building Code Signal Future Code Adoption.

Green Building Law Update