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How to Safely Transport Equipment

Construction Equipment

Trailer safety regulations protect equipment and people: One mishap could mean the difference between completing a job effectively or endangering the driver and others on the road. Low-boy equipment trailer safety techniques do not stray far from decades-long recommendations. Users understand that

How Data is Helping Contractors Survive the Coronavirus

ENR Construction

Data from tech tools such as Procore, and others are helping firms understand what's going on in state economies and work through the new restrictions. Some are even thriving

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How To Grow Your Construction Network Without In-Person Events

Contractor Bookkeeping

Networking can be a crucial way to keep your construction business growing. Profitable contractors attend networking events not because they have nothing better to do; they do it because it pays off.

How To Improve Construction Collaboration (and Profitability) with Modern Software

Viewpoint Construction Technology

In just 15 minutes, you’ll learn how ViewpointOne can remove challenges that block collaboration on a job site. Construction Technology/News

You Can't Improve Construction Safety from Inside a Filing Cabinet

How mobile technology can mitigate risk, save money, and provide a competitive advantage.

ESG Going the Way of the Dodo

Green Building Law Update

Earlier this month the U.S. Department of Labor put another nail in the coffin of environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) disclosures.

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Leading A Clean Energy Transition In Indiana

Business Facilities

Hoosier Energy is diversifying its power generation mix with a long-range resource plan that expands low-cost wind, solar, natural gas and storage. Read: Leading A Clean Energy Transition In Indiana at

How to ensure that your 3-6 week planning will be delivered on time

Lets Build

What is a lookahead schedule? Construction projects come with a lot of admin work and several tasks inextricably linked to each other.

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5 Ways To Promote Worker Health & Safety During the Pandemic

Construction Business Owner

5 Ways To Promote Worker Health & Safety During the Pandemic. Elizabeth Manning. Mon, 08/24/2020 - 16:46. 5 important considerations to promote a safe and healthy construction jobsite during the pandemic

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What to Do if Concrete Cylinder Test Fails at 28 Days?

The Constructor

The failure of the concrete cylinder test at 28 days occurs due to several factors like improper casing and curing of specimens and an incorrect mix. Concrete Work Procedure How To Guide Material Testing Guide Non-Destructive Tests Strengthening & Retrofitting Tests on Concrete Work Procedures

Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Torc Robotics Will Create 350 New Jobs In Virginia

Business Facilities

The self-driving vehicle pioneer will invest $8.5 million to expand software development operations in Blacksburg, VA. Read: Torc Robotics Will Create 350 New Jobs In Virginia at

Cost Cutting Advice on Backhoe Loaders

Construction Equipment

Backhoe loaders continue to offer end-users the kind of versatility that leads to solid utilization rates in many applications, and manufacturers continually refine their products with features designed to help reign-in operating costs. Managers should be closely monitoring their fleets with

How to Implement a Safe COVID-19 Travel Policy

Construction Business Owner

How to Implement a Safe COVID-19 Travel Policy. Elizabeth Manning. Thu, 08/27/2020 - 11:29. It’s been months since the coronavirus pandemic first hit the United States, but rules and regulations about how to operate safely continue to fluctuate.

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Stainless Steel as Reinforcement Material

The Constructor

The selection of stainless steel as a reinforcement material for large-scale projects may sound like a costly option. But its exclusive properties. Building Materials How To Guide

Continental Structural Plastics Investing $45M In North Carolina

Business Facilities

The lightweight composites maker for the transportation industry will create 61 jobs and add a new paint line and equipment at its Rowan County, NC facility. . Read: Continental Structural Plastics Investing $45M In North Carolina at

11 Top Trends to Watch


Are you keeping up on the trends in the construction industry? From COVID-19, to industry trends, to emerging technologies, we are seeing a number of factors shape construction.

How to Overcome the Loneliness of Leadership

Construction Business Owner

How to Overcome the Loneliness of Leadership. Elizabeth Manning. Wed, 08/26/2020 - 11:04. Leadership is lonely. I have the privilege of coaching top leaders in organizations around the world—both in and out of the construction industry—and this loneliness is ubiquitous.

How to Construct In-situ Walls with Soil-Cement?

The Constructor

Soil-cement is a highly-compacted mixture produced by mixing cement with soils. Generally, in-situ walls constructed with soil-cement are used for. Building Materials Building Technology Guide How To Guide Work Procedures

Koppers To Invest $23M In Arkansas Expansion

Business Facilities

The treated wood products company will increase the workforce at its North Little Rock facility over the next two years. . Read: Koppers To Invest $23M In Arkansas Expansion at

Ekso Bionics Unveils EVO, a New Lighter Weight Exoskeleton for Construction

Construction Junkie

The Ekso EVO, via Ekso Bionics. A Couple of years ago, exoskeleton maker, Ekso Bionics, released the EksoVest , which was a lighter weight, upper body support mechanism that provided lift support to the wearer.

Dynahoe Backhoe Loader

Construction Equipment

The backhoe loader is still one of the most popular and visible of all types of construction machines. It reigned as the mainstay of mechanized utility work over some two-and-a-half decades after first finding popularity in the 1950s. With the advent of mini excavators, increased popularity of skid

What is Point Cloud Technology in Construction?

The Constructor

Point cloud can be defined as a collection of data points in space produced by 3D scanners or by photogrammetry software. The laser scanner captures. Building Technology Guide Digital tools

Port Of Savannah Moved Most Export Containers In Start Of 2020

Business Facilities

Among Savannah’s top export commodities, raw cotton, wood pulp, and kaolin clay were the biggest gainers for the first five months of the year. Read: Port Of Savannah Moved Most Export Containers In Start Of 2020 at

Video: 5 building sectors to watch amid COVID-19


In this segment from BD+C 's The Weekly show, Brad Hunter, Managing Director with RCLCO Real Estate Advisors, talks about the short- and long-term market forecast for several key commercial building sectors, including hospitality, industrial, office, retail, and rental housing

How to Care for Your Hard Hat

Construction Equipment

OSHA has very specific guidelines to protect workers from head injuries. Because of how often head protection is required, workers should take extra precautions to ensure their hard hat is taken care of. Despite their rugged construction, hard hats don’t last forever. They must be inspected daily

How to Install Marble Wall Cladding?

The Constructor

Marble wall cladding adds value to the aesthetic appeal and stylistic qualities of any space or setting, both externally and internally. It is. Building Technology Guide How To Guide Work Procedures


Corsicana Mattress To Invest Over $8.6M In Indiana

Business Facilities

The Texas-based mattress company will establish a new production facility in La Porte, IN, creating 350 jobs. Read: Corsicana Mattress To Invest Over $8.6M In Indiana at

Science Fiction or Science Future?


When Star Trek first appeared in 1966, it presented a world of the future that was so far beyond the norm of the time that people were asking, “Can that really happen? Will that really happen?!”

Planning Major and Minor Facilities / Asset Repair, Refurbishment, Maintenance, Renovation, and Construction

Job Order Contracting

How real property owners and facilities management professionals traditionally plan, procure, and deliver projects is the most significant barrier to improving capital reinvestment performance outcomes.

Mjøstårnet: The Tallest Timber Building in the World

The Constructor

Mjøstårnet (pronounced:/mæo-stâr-n?t/) t/) is the tallest timber building in the world. It is a big step towards the adoption of green construction as it. Building Building Materials Case study Exclusive

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Georgia: E-Commerce Boom Favors Savannah

Business Facilities

To meet surging demand for additional longer-term storage space, the GPA will develop 145 acres next to the Port of Savannah. Read: Georgia: E-Commerce Boom Favors Savannah at

Texaco’s century-old headquarters is now a luxury apartment community


After sitting vacant for nearly three decades, the former home of Texaco, Inc. has been converted into a 17-story, 286-unit apartment building in the heart of downtown Houston. Dallas-based Provident Realty Advisors, which led the $99.5

What is Job Order Contracting?

Job Order Contracting

What is Job Order Contracting… A Job Order Contacting (JOC) Program optimizes small to medium, repetitive, and easily defined maintenance, repair, renovation, and minor new construction projects of which the scope aligns transparently with a pre-priced locally researched detailed unit price book (UPB).